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The Naked Truth (TNT) is an ethical, Canadian, ‘sex worker’ owned and operated adult classifieds and advocacy website!

The Naked Truth (TNT) is an adult classifieds and advocacy website

Sex worker owned and operated

and …we answer you when you contact us.

Our mandate is to support sex workers in finding business solutions that prioritize health and safety


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We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to building a healthier, safer industry in Canada with you.

Get Certified

With support from a sex worker organization, another certified sex worker, or online one-on-one training, we will ensure you have access to information that is critical to your health and safety, that you understand the Trade Secrets Safety Manual, and can complete the quiz.


Who We Are

The Naked Truth is a media based social enterprise. We work to improve access to information about the sex workers rights movement, create a mechanism for communicating about enforcement against our community, create an affordable advertising platform which encompasses all forms of sex work, ensure people have the tools to make safe decisions about their work and to communicate information about dangerous or problematic clients to our community. We also work to keep our community up to date on the global sex workers rights movement and make sure people know when decisions are being made by government which could impact our lives, safety and ability to work!! We want to ensure your voice and experiences are included in the movement!