About the Project

Contributors and Sources

The production of Trade Secrets could not have been possible without the following people, businesses, organizations, and other sources. Not every contributor is listed here. We attempted to ensure that we had permission from every contributor to list their name here. So if we did not hear back, we did not include their names.

If you contributed and your name is not here or if you’d like your name removed from this list, please contact Trina at annie@nakedtruth.ca. Your request will be honoured immediately.

A sincere thank you to everyone, including the names missing from the list. You know who you are.


Thank you to our funders for without you, this project may not have materialized.

Vancouver Coastal Health
British Columbia Provincial Health
Vancouver Foundation

Key Contributors

BC Coalition of Experiential Communities Members

Coalition members took part in every process including but not limited to: recruiting and interviewing contributors through one-on-one meetings and focus groups, writing, evaluating, and editing throughout the project.

Kathleen Cherrington
Susan Davis
Matthew Taylor
Ryann Rain
Laurel Irons
Chanel Martin
Trina Ricketts
Christal Capostinsky

The following contributors took part in a variety of ways including but not limited to: answering the questionnaires, providing expertise in one area or another, recruiting participants, writing, editing, and evaluating the document.


Erin Taylor
Projector Paul
Janet Godkin, The Best Dancers Inc.
Amber Dawn
Missy Mariposa
Veronika Harley
Jake Sweet
Katalina Capone
GC Productions
Alena Downs
Eve Pandora
Randy Knowlan
Rhiannon McMillan
Katie Katlyn
Kate Wynter
Stella Wolf
Stephanie Reynolds
PACE Society
Stephanie See-More
Katrina Pacey
Derek Kline
Elaine Jones
Sarah Levine
Velvet Steele
Leona Bergy
Dagmar Jikeli
Adrianne Spring
Dirk Ottermann
Jennifer Allan
Jessica Rabbit
Madison MacDonald


Johnny Demos from Selective Income Tax – 604-460-6466
Boyz of Summer Strippers


PACE Society
PIVOT Legal Society
BC Centre for Disease Control STI/HIV Outreach Program

Supporters of Note

Soni Thindal and Frank Yang from Orchid for modifying and getting our questionnaire translated, interviewing Chinese massage parlour workers, and translating their responses back into English for us.

Janine from PIVOT who responded to emails as she traveled the country stripping.

Chris and Miranda from VCH who believed in our project.

Esther Shannon for her inspiring dedication to change.

Tamara O’Doherty for her support and quest for knowledge that benefits sex workers.

Becki Ross for writing a book that gives us credibility and shared history.

Grant from Mugs & Jugs for cheering us on at all times.



XXX Guide, ChezStella.org
Dope Guide, ChezStella.org
Spread Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2
Stella’s Constellation Working Conditions Issue, April 2009
Love for Sale: A World History of Prostitution, by Nils Johan Ringdal
Big Book of Porn
Sex Industry Workers of the Greater Vancouver Regions and Districts
Gayway Vancouver – P’n’P Guide to Drugs and Sex


Worksafe BC
WCB of Manitoba
Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board



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