About the Project


“It was amazing to be a part of designing the future of our industry! We had all shared similar experiences even though very different at the same time. It made me feel like I was part of something bigger than me. I liked talking with my fellow sex workers! We’re good people! – Susan Davis

“It was a pleasure to work with Annie (Trina Ricketts) on the Trade Secrets project. For me the most beneficial aspect of the process was to see the industry from the many different perspectives of all of the other participants. I think that this kind of ongoing collaboration will be a very positive force within the entire adult industry.” – Cecil English

“We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Trade Secrets project. There was something incredibly powerful about this group of individuals sharing their experience, ideas and most importantly their stories without judgment or criticism from the others. As a result of this project Surrey Women Centre has been able to provide ongoing support to two of the group participants.” – Sheena Edgar, Program Manager, Surrey Women Centre.

“Several women who attend The Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley’s Warm Zone drop-in centre participated in the Trade Secrets Project, providing their insight as to their experiences as sex workers. Following a focus group hosted by Trina Ricketts, several of the women expressed feeling empowered and validated in their fears and concerns surrounding their personal safety while working in the sex trade. Women who participated in the focus group commented that it was a positive experience for them, specifically because they felt their voices were heard and that their opinion mattered. The Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley’s Warm Zone project aims to create opportunities for marginalized women to feel included in society, not excluded. The Trade Secrets Project provided this opportunity, for which we are grateful.” – Michele Giordano, Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley

“It has been my pleasure to be a part of this much needed information seeking and organization of it. I truly appreciated getting to know those involved in dispelling ALL the myths surrounding sex work and bringing a legitimate vision and attitude to the table. Good work all and I look forward to more involvement!” – Velvet Steele

“I’m thrilled to have been part of the creation and development of Trade Secrets. I value the opportunity to share stories and information, in the name of increasing health and safety and reducing harm to sex workers who, without empowerment and open dialogue, are too often left vulnerable. I believe this guide is an important step in the journey for sex workers in achieving individual and social self-determination.” ~Lola Lala

“The Trade Secrets Guide is by far the most comprehensive sex work resource I have ever seen. The guide takes what is sadly a unique approach by empowering the community and giving individuals in the industry the opportunity to share what they feel is important for each other to know. It is relieving to see more coming in the way of resources that are not exit oriented. I believe everyone, not only industry professionals should read this guide. I hope this guide remains a living document to be renewed and updated as necessary, it is so important in our communities.” – Jasmine Redfern, HIV Educator and Sexual Health Advocate

“Being part of this project was inspiring and gave me hope for a future that is not full of discrimination and stigma.” – Jessica Rabbit

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