Call For Presentations (CFP) “Beyond the Interface: Critical Perspectives of Sex Work and Sextech


Call For Presentations (CFP)

“Beyond the Interface: Critical Perspectives of Sex Work and Sextech”

Abstracts (300-words) with bios (100-words) are due June 30th, 2024. Please email them to

 Conference (via Zoom): October 2024, dates TBD.


Call for Presentations (CFP):

The Centre for Feminist Research’s Critical Trafficking and Sex Work Cluster at York University is pleased to announce the Call for Presentations for an innovative and thought-provoking conference via Zoom titled, “Beyond the Interface: Critical Perspectives of Sex Work and Sextech”. This conference seeks to bring together scholars, activists, artists, sex workers, frontline sex worker organizations, sextech professionals, and sexual technology users, to critically examine the multifaceted relationships between technology, sexuality, commerce, and society. We Invite a diverse range of speakers to contribute towards a comprehensive and thought-provoking exploration of these critical intersections. Join us for a groundbreaking exploration of the dynamic landscape where technology, sexuality, and activism converge. “Beyond the Interface” promises to be a platform for engaging discussions, interdisciplinary insights, and critical reflections on the future of sextech and sex work in the digital age. We look forward to your contributions.

We invite everyone to submit a 300-word abstract which includes the title of your proposed 20-minute presentation, its relevance to the conference themes, and potential contributions to the discourse. We will accept abstracts for single presentations, panels, and roundtables. Please also include a 100-word biography and send to by June 30, 2024.

This Zoom conference is 100% free to attend and participate in. In lieu of charging conference registration fees, we encourage you to kindly donate generously to reputable sex workers’ support and advocacy organizations. We have provided links below to help guide you to those organizations:




Conference themes and panel ideas have been split into five categories which focus on sextech in connection to sex work. These five streams are 1) Legal and Ethical Perspectives of Sextech and Sex Work; 2) Representation and Inclusivity in Virtual Spaces; 3) Neoliberal Globalization, Colonialism, and Digital Realms; 4) Wellness and Safety in Virtual Spaces; and 5) Technological Innovation and Social Change. When submitting an abstract, please indicate which category, or categories, that best reflect your proposed presentation would be best identified with.

For more information please read the attached PDF.
On behalf of the Critical Trafficking and Sex Work Studies Research Cluster and conference organizing team,
Kathleen Cherrington

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