Free bilingual Zoom workshop for sex workers: Speaking Loud & Proud

We’re writing to inform you of our upcoming virtual national workshop: “Speaking Loud and Proud” on


Dec 7th 2022,

3:30-6:30 MST . 


This workshop will cover the topics of public speaking, speaking through anxiety and how to start a podcast! 


Joey will be teaching all about how to get comfortable with using your voice. He is a writer and performer based in Edmonton, Alberta where he has been improvising with Rapid Fire Theatre since 2007.


Kristopher will be walking us through how to start a podcast, and speaking to imposter syndrome and how there is no need to get it right the first time. He is a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor (CMHA), host of the VĪV Mental Health Podcast.


In addition we will be talking about some sex worker led podcast, along with ANSWERS very own “Sex Work is Work” podcast.


About the Event:

These workshop sessions have been developed out of two national Town Halls hosted this year through the participation of current and retired sex workers discussing “our needs for building skills for our personal and professional lives”.

This workshop’s success and feedback will be part of information gathering for the purposes of informing a national Sex Work Assembly planned for May 2-5th 2023 (in Edmonton), and the development of an education resource tool (to be used by sex work organizations and educators within various gender studies and sociology faculties). The theme of the Assembly will be “Community building and storytelling: building community and sharing our stories” with a focus on supporting the needs and wants of our community. As an attendee of this workshop, you will have the opportunity to attend this conference with most costs covered (for travel, accommodation and food).

Participation is open to anyone who identifies as a current or past sex worker or erotic laborer, lives in Canada, and is 18 or over. Participants can register here or email us at the above address: LINK


ANSWERS is a grassroots non-profit sex work organization that was incorporated in November 2020. We started during the pandemic in order to support a community largely affected by COVID and often left out of the discourse. Our administrative operational board is comprised largely of current or retired sex workers and is mostly run by volunteer power.

ANSWERS is an inclusive outreach organization that provides assistance to sex workers with support services and resources while also educating the public and legislators about sex workers’ rights and the difference between sex work and human trafficking, in order to change the laws, myths, and legislation that may harm the sex workers community. ANSWERS recognizes that our community is diverse and has a higher number of marginalized people (BIPOC, people living with disabilities, and 2SLGBTQIA+) within it.

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