Problems at the Border? Share your experiences!!

Have police, border patrol, immigration, or homeland security ever identified you as having appeared on a sex work advertising website outside of a prostitution sting?  The Erotic Service Provider Legal, Educational and Research Project is collecting stories to help lawmakers understand the human impacts of law enforcement identifying sex work advertisers not during prostitution stings (for example, at border crossings or traffic stops). 
Law Enforcement and Border Agents have been engaging in illegal violations of our privacy and creating data bases about our on-line lives. Sex workers have experienced the brunt of the issues related to this unethical behavior for quite a long time. It is finally starting to come to light!!!
If you have experienced discrimination, biased treatment or been deemed inadmissible when trying to cross the border, we want to hear from you!!!
Are you willing to have your story appear in a report for lawmakers?

Take part in the ESPERLP survey and contribute to work to combat this aggressive, violent and discriminatory treatment of sex workers at our borders and which inhibit our freedom of movement.

Follow the link below to get started and thank you for contributing your knowledge and experience to the fight for sex workers rights and equality!!



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