Adrianne Spring

My name is Adrianne Spring  & I’ve been a Vancouver based stripper for 11 years, starting in BC then Alberta, Manitoba & Ontario, I’ve also performed in New Zealand & Australia. I’ve also been a trauma counselor since high school as a volunteer dealing with varied issues. 
I’m a huge history & nerd buff so those areas fire me up as well as women’s issues. I went to a catholic high-school which revealed to me a lot of the short comings of the education system and why so much societal imbalance is hard to overturn in our communities.  My elementary school years were split between public & catholic schools which also gave strong understanding of differently focused structured foundation learning from such a young age. 
Before getting into the adult entertainment industry I was in retail for many years as both sales staff and assistant manager  which gave invaluable experience regarding business function & public interaction as well as corporate reality. 

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