Barb Altman

Barb is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba but is now a full time Vancouver citizen!! She is a former escort and domme and during her time in the sex industry Barb experienced the full brunt of everything which is wrong with Canada’s legal framework which governs our community. Her experiences interacting with a broad spectrum of the mainstream systems which oppress sex workers make her uniquely positioned to speak on the impacts of biased and victim based policies and practices.

While in Winnipeg and before the intervention of local government and law enforcement, she had formed a collective of sex workers who all shared expenses and worked together in an unofficial cooperative model of brothel. She shared her knowledge and experience with less experienced workers openly and freely ensuring their ability to work safely in the sex industry.

The oppressive environment which remains a dark cloud hanging over Winnipeg’s sex industry remains a priority for Barb and the BCCEC. Our complaint against Joy Smith – former MP for Kildonnen – St. Paul in Winnipeg is in part a result of meeting Barb back in 2009.

Barb supports many local organizations and takes part in almost every march, rally or fundraiser bringing her light and love lifting everyone in the Vancouver sex workers movement.

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