Raven Bowen

Raven Bowen immigrated from England in 1980.

Raven left Alberta to escape violence in late 1994 and became involved with Prostitution Alternatives Counselling & Education (PACE) Society.   She became a volunteer of the society and eventually worked as an outreach worker and a one to one counselor for individuals involved in the sex industry.

Miss Bowen also worked in a number of youth shelters in Vancouver. As of August 2000 she became the Executive Director of PACE Society. There she was nationally and internationally recognized for developing programming and advocating for the safety and respect of individuals involved in sex work and survival sex.

As an Award-winning community advocate with over 12 years experience, Raven works to involve sex industry workers in community development and social change and fights for sex worker leadership and inclusion in decision-making.

Miss Bowen ran for Provincial office in 2005 to bring issues of poverty to the forefront. With skills as an alliance builder among community groups, law enforcement, sex workers, policy makers and senior government officials, she inherited the coordination of the BC Coalition of Experiential Women and Communities. This group awarded her the ‘Ho of the Year’ award in 2006 for her commitment and dedication to sex work issues and to recognize her work in creating many sex worker led projects and initiatives.

Raven is now a full time student, currently completing her degree in Sociology at Simon Fraser University and desires to continue her focus on policy development and social change through sex worker led research and community engagement.

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