Velvet Steele

“Velvet is a staunch crusader for the rights of trans people, and sex workers. A life of social activism and advocacy that began when she won the right to access healthcare for people who are trans in British Columbia.
Her ongoing work with the LGBTQ2+ community has strengthened her resolve to fiercely fight for the rights, and specialized needs of minorities in her community whether defined by ethnicity, culture, social background, sexuality, sexual preference, or gender expression and presentation.
She advises to community groups, government agencies, NGO’s, and parent and youth groups on issues associated with the trans community. Her work here extends to numerous educational institutions, conferences, and awareness projects, making her a much sought after presenter to share her knowledge and unique life experiences.
In April 2017, she began work with the VPD providing training to cadets and members, and the civilian detachments, that also includes associates. Development is in the works to expand this project to stakeholders, in both the public and private sector.
She was honoured to accept the opportunity to join the City of Vancouver’s Sex Work Task Force in response to the Wally Oppal findings, detailed in the Missing Women’s Commission Report. She educated employment offices, medical professionals, social workers and students on the multifaceted world of Sex Work as Sensitivity Facilitator with Living in Community,.
She advises to the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform. As a proud member of the British Columbia Coalition of Experiential Communities (BCCEC), she further maintains relationships with progressive sex worker organizations, throughout the country.”

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