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Sex work can be isolating and leave you feeling outside of decisions which affect our lives. Attending a social event, fund raiser or rally can help you feel connected to the community and the actions underway to change our collective futures.

Check here for social events, opportunities to engage with politicians, marches and rallies, art and performance events, opportunities to take part in research, information sessions on law, health and healing, special speakers events and more!


FREEDOM TO ASSOCIATE IS OUR RIGHT!! March with us against Canada’s unust prostitution laws!! Dress Up! Have Fun! Make Noise! Join us for the 11th Annual Vancouver Red Umbrella March…

National Conference of Sex workers

National Conference | Conférence nationale May 2nd-5th 2023 | Mai 2-5 2023  Edmonton, Alberta | Edmonton, L’Alberta In May of 2023 ANSWERS will be hosting a national assembly (conference)…

Sex Workers Back in Court!!!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 BY CASWLR Media Release: GOVERNMENT FAILURE TO RESPECT SEX WORKERS’ HUMAN RIGHTS FORCES SEX WORKERS BACK TO COURT Sex Worker Legal Media Briefing: Monday, October 3, 2022, 1pm, 330…


Planning an event? Are you a sex work researcher? Or a government body looking for sex worker input? Send us your info and we will create a page for the event here.

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