The 10th annual Vancouver Red Umbrella March – June 11 at 2 p.m. @ Vancouver Art Gallery

Dear Sex Workers and Friends,
The 10th annual Vancouver Red Umbrella March is only 1 month away!

After two years of online-only events due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions prohibiting public gatherings, this year we are taking our 10th Annual Red Umbrella March for Sex Work Solidarity to the streets!
This year, RUM 2022 will be held on
Saturday, June 11, 2 p.m.
Starting at the Vancouver Art Gallery, South Plaza, Robson St.
This year, the annual Red Umbrella March will be more important than ever!
Canada’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights has just conducted a Review of Canada’s new 2014 prostitution laws — the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. The Justice Committee plans to release their report the beginning of June, before Parliament closes for summer recess.
(There were 72 submissions to the Justice Committee and 48 witness testimonies available in English here:
For the past two years, Triple-X produced documentary slideshow videos that were released online for our 8th and 9th Red Umbrella March events.
For RUM 2020 – “Code:Red,” a history of Red Umbrellas marches around the world, and 7 years in Vancouver (run-time: 7 minutes):
For RUM 2021 – “Margo St. James: Hookers’ Rights Avant-Garde,” commemorating the life of the first sex worker’s rights activist, who started COYOTE in 1973 in San Francisco (run-time: 31 minutes):
Mark your calendars, June 11, 2022! Prepare to don your flashiest red outfits and your red umbrellas and show your support for sex workers’ fight to repeal Canada’s discriminatory and unjust laws that ban the purchase of sexual services.
Sex workers’ groups around the world, watch for our social media and help boost our signal!
In solidarity,
Andrew Sorfleet
Triple-X Workers’ Solidarity Association of B.C.

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