• If we become too ill to work, don’t deny us pay for the work that we’ve already done.
  • Be truthful in your advertising. Don’t offer services you know I’m uncomfortable with, (ex: BBBJ or Greek). Don’t say I’m younger than I am. Don’t say that I am different nationality than I am. If a client is misled, he can become violent. Please don’t risk my life for someone who probably won’t call back after this.
  • Provide worker’s insurance and don’t blacklist us if we get hurt and make a claim. Our industry will be more legitimized and therefore more accessed by people who formerly avoided us due to the perception we’re being exploited.
  • If a worker requests for you to take down photos because he or she has left the industry or is involved in a custody battle, or something like that; do it. Our lives change and sometimes we don’t want the stigma of our past to disrupt our present or future.

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