• When making rules for workers, consider the consequences for us. For instance, if a worker has a minimum quota she must make, she is more likely to take chances she wouldn’t have otherwise taken, just to make her quota.
  • Please don’t require your workers to be on-call for free (mandatory floor time included) during our time / days off. It’s difficult enough for us to make plans with family around our “fake” jobs without having to cancel at the last minute all the time. Mandatory floor time for exotic dancers is also unfair. Some dancers are uncomfortable socializing with customers or doing private shows. Try to respect our personal boundaries.
  • When we come in on a day off as a favour to you, we shouldn’t have to pay a book-on fee / VIP tip-out / etc. We should also keep our tips and not have to split the fee on extra services, since we are the ones doing the work.
  • Booking staff need to be paid a wage, especially on the shifts that are slow, so they don’t have to take chances on calls and worker safety in order to make money.
  • Avoid hierarchies by treating all of your workers equally. For instance, a strip club manager may treat staff better than he treats entertainers, or vice versa. This creates a sense of superiority or indignity in club staff. The dancers often don’t even know there is an undercurrent of hostility towards them; they just don’t like working there.
  • Try not to overcrowd a schedule. If there are too many workers on a shift, some of us won’t make any money. We get cranky when we don’t make money and the overall workplace becomes tense.
  • If we are usually on time and reliable, consider not fining us when we make a mistake. Even the most professional worker makes an occasional mistake.

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