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How I got into this work:

“I started shooting porn a decade ago for my personal sites when, at the time, there was very little porn available online that was produced by women. There seemed to be a demand for the type of female empowered scenarios I was shooting, thus beginning my roots in the adult entertainment media industry as a biz owner.”

“To make the most money from my work. To have control over the work environment.”

“I started off as an adult film performer, but felt I lacked creative control over my work. I wanted control over my own destiny, advertising, content and activities, and opened a small adult film/entertainment company.”

“I had difficulties conforming to a repetitive ‘go-nowhere’ daily job working for someone else for very little pay. As well, it allowed me to grow personally and do something I enjoy. I used to be a strip club disc jockey, along with many other construction related jobs. Currently I have re-entered the adult website field with my business.”

“Opportunity presented itself. Clubs in Japan asked me to help them book dancers. Many dancers wanted to share my experience and work in Japan. It was a win-win situation at the time.”

I got into this line of work because I was a mature self-taught professional in the music industry. Around 1999 the music industry in my city slumped badly and so I was forced to find another profession where I could be accepted with no formal education or certification. The porn industry welcomed me and my skill set.”

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