For Business Owners

Engage and Support Workers

“Thank you for providing such a safe, luxurious place for me to work.”

If you have happy dancers, you will have happy customers and you will make more money.”

  • Have meetings with your workers and be open to our complaints and concerns. Engage us with respect and make us feel safe, included, and heard.
  • Offer an advice column on your website or send out emails with helpful information to us. Offer to answer questions through email, if you don’t work face-to-face with us.
  • Allow us to be involved in setting the rates. We can also collectively raise or lower our rates during times of inflation and recession.
  • Allow entertainers to view ads before they go to print.
  • Provide support and a person to debrief to after traumatic events, even if it’s a number to call.
  • Help us find lawyers if we’re busted.
  • Make the common rooms for workers nice. Have comfortable furniture to lie on, adjustable lighting for reading or napping, a fridge and some kind of cooking device, a television, and some reading materials. It shows us that you care about our comfort and well-being.

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