For Business Owners

Ensure Health and Safety

“I do images and video for the sole reason that women never have to engage men in a sexual act without a support group – video camera’s and security – and proper insurance and health care provided at the time of earnings, as well as employment insurance benefits.”

Indoor Workspaces

  • Provide onsite security even if it isn’t visible to patrons.
  • Make a plan with security that if a client gets out of hand, security will make itself known and threaten to call 911.
  • Provide posters or flyers with basic info for staff regarding STIs, sexual health, pregnancy and contraception options, a list of resources for health services and support, an overview of the law and legal rights, how to deal with triggers, post traumatic stress disorder, or whatever would benefit your workers.
  • Provide harm reduction supplies, such as condoms, gloves, dental dams, handsoap, cleaning supplies, and clean towels.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of working spaces and accommodations. Clean everything with disinfectant. Vacuum and change the garbage daily. Clean washrooms, stages, poles, and common areas daily. Check for bedbugs daily and let workers know immediately if you have a suspected infestation. Provide a washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher for cleaning equipment and supplies as needed. Have mold removed.
  • If you provide accommodations, improve and/or change the locks once a year. Cut the hedges in front of windows so we can see who’s outside. Have a working phone available in case of emergency. Provide clean sheets and towels.
  • Hire sufficient support staff so no one has to work alone.
  • Have a check-in / check-out system with a safety word.
  • Screen clients. Have a zero tolerance policy for rude or aggressive clients. Let customers know they are required to treat us with respect; otherwise they will be refused from the business, possibly permanently. This is following the premise that you teach others how to treat you.
  • Provide a number to report bad dates if there is one in your area. Or start your own reporting system so workers can refuse known predators.
  • Ensure that workers are working, changing, and staying in rooms that have heat and hot water.

Adult Film

  • All talent should be required to get tested two weeks before filming at most. Educate performers regarding the ‘window periods’ for the different diseases whereas a test may say you are negative, but you can still be a carrier/spreader of the disease. (HIV takes 3 months, other diseases 10 days, etc.)
  • STI clinics can provide this info upon testing. Talent should be requested to use safer sex methods in private relationships between the testing date and the shooting date.
  • Provide condoms, dams and latex gloves and explain to talent that they must be used during each scene. Keep baby wipes on hand. Sex can get messy.
  • Keep the set closed during the shoot for physical safety.

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