For Business Owners

Train Workers

  • Train us in the practices of your particular business. For instance, if you run a strip club, let the new dancers each week know all the policies and procedures of the club by posting them in the change room or having a Monday meeting.
  • In adult film, prior to a complicated scene where specialties are involved, go over the scene with us in detail. Go over all the details of the shoot and ask us if we need clarification and training regarding certain activities. Make sure we understand and consent to the activities before the shoot, and make sure we are ‘work-ready’.
  • Purchase or create your own sex education training DVD’s that teach work skills (like pole dancing or performing fellatio), as well as health and safety practices. Have us watch these videos during work hours. Or provide them to us to keep.
  • If we are frequently dealing one-on-one with clients, book someone to come in and teach us conflict resolution skills. You can often find workshops like these for free through sex worker-run organizations.
  • Train your workers on what to do in the case of a raid. Let us know our legal rights.

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