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About Sex Industry Workers

“Exotic dancers are real people with ‘real’ lives. Many value their work and enjoy entertaining. Others dance because maybe it’s the “best” way they know how to make a living. Some especially love the socializing, while others seem more comfortable keeping to themselves, punching in and out the time card and heading straight home after work.”

“Hustlin is what I do, it’s not who I am.”

“Sometimes I stand out there for a long time. Sometimes it’s cold. I work hard for my money.”

Just like anyone else, sex industry workers have good days and bad days. If one of your favourite entertainers has an off day, you usually understand. Try to understand when you see someone for the first time. They may be having an off day too – but next time might be fabulous.

Entertainers are making a living. They have rent and bills to pay, so if they seem agitated at times when doing something for free (sitting with you in a strip club, chatting online, etc), it could just be that money’s a little tight. In this business, when times are lean, they are very lean. Anyone who is self-employed, middle-class can understand that.

Because our work involves constant selling, it is mentally exhausting and burnout is not uncommon. If you sense that this is the case with an entertainer you really like, consider tipping a bit extra so he or she can reduce her work hours a little.

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