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Personal Relationships with Workers

“Always remember; people may forget what you did, they even may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. So the next time you’re in a gentlemen’s club chatting up the ladies, please make an effort to act like a gentleman. You might actually make someone ‘feel’ good ~ and that in turn will make you ‘feel’ good.”

Although adult entertainment is an exchange for money that assumes an absence of emotion, this is not a rule. Sometimes friendship does develop, or something deeper. Personal relationships with workers do happen. We are all human, after all.

You may have a nagging doubt in the back of your mind about whether the entertainer really values your friendship or is using you for your money. And there is a chance that you are being used.

But there is a better chance you have become more than a customer. Now you are a friend. Don’t waste your time wondering where you stand. Enjoy whatever the relationship is that you’ve developed and leave it at that.

While your financial help will always be appreciated, your negative attitude won’t. So if you spend your time trying to figure out if it’s you or your money drawing the entertainer in, chances are you won’t last that long anyway. No one wants to hang around with a grumpy grumbler.

However, don’t stick around for a beating either. If your generosity is being abused, value yourself enough to say no. Manipulative techniques such as crying or getting angry with you are unfair. Ask for mutual respect. If it isn’t there, it is not a healthy relationship.

If you would rather keep professional relationships professional and personal relationships completely separate – then that is a reasonable expectation of the entertainers you frequent. In fact, it is the general rule of most entertainers to not see their clients outside of work.

If you see an entertainer on the street, you will likely both be more comfortable passing each other by. Ask the entertainer what he or she prefers if you are unsure how to behave in public.

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