For Our Clients

Webcam Etiquette

Because of the free internet chat offered by most webcam companies, many workers are exposed to abuse from predators posing as clients. If you are a real client wishing to purchase a session, please be aware that this negativity goes on. Here are some ways to make the experience more enjoyable for you and the entertainer:

  • Look at the posted photos of the worker; pick who you would like a show with, then have a short consultation before booking your show.
  • Ask the entertainer what her/his specialties are.
  • Briefly describe your fantasy. Whether you like feet, or you have a fetish with bubble blowing, etc.
  • Ask if she has toys ready for insertion if this tickles your fancy.
  • Please respect the workers time by booking the session in a timely manner.
  • Book your show before you miss your chance. While you are amidst this consultation period, the chat room is getting steamed up. Someone else may take the worker off into private chat where the show begins and you will miss out for a while.
  • When booking your show, you can also ask to buy phone sex at the same time, if it is offered.
  • If you notice that an entertainer has shut down suddenly, he or she may be experiencing verbal abuse (unbeknownst to you), and just needs a break.

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