For Our Coworkers

Security / Driver

“The only pros were the ones I was driving around.”


  • Keep people safe
  • Flexible hours
  • Good part-time job
  • Meet new and exciting people


  • Work is sporadic. Some days are busy. Others are not.
  • Can be physically demanding.
  • After 2 a.m. calls are difficult – often involve clients who are intoxicated and / or using drugs.
  • Safety is constantly in jeopardy.

Job Duties

  • Driving is usually part of the service.
  • Provide protection for sex workers.
  • Be there to support and debrief with entertainers after bad experiences.

Income Potential

Commission. Paid by the ride. Amount depends on how far you are driving and how long the call is.

Conflict Management

“I would intimidate them and show I wouldn’t back down. I would use psychological warfare. Stand strong. Don’t take shit.”

Try to avoid conflict and remain calm at all times. The phone can deter a violent predator if he sees you on it.

Be ready to call emergency response teams.

Job Stresses

  • Going to a call when there is supposed to be one client and there are ten.
  • There is no medical plan. If you get shot, there is no compensation

Most Dangerous Aspect of Job

When booking staff lie to clients about what they are getting. Clients think they are getting all-inclusive services when they aren’t or they expect her to look different than she does. Entertainers are sent into hostile situations.


“If someone throws bricks at your car, call 911.”

  • Use your head and be ready for anything.
  • Never leave your guard down.
  • Never trust anybody.
  • Use your own judgment.
  • Every situation is different.
  • Take days off for self-care.
  • Never carry weapon.
  • And don’t be afraid to ask for help (call 911).

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