For Our Coworkers

Strip Club Server

“I try to keep customers in check by saying ‘don’t be pigs’ and ‘respect the dancers’. I also tell girls in the crowd ‘just cuz you’re here doesn’t mean you have to lose all class and be rude’.”


“I get to meet people from a lot of different places, who see the world in a much more open way, much as I do. Everyone for the most part is a happy and cheerful because they are doing what they love. A lot of us use it to put ourselves through school because it’s a great way to make money.”

  • Good tips
  • Short hours (compared to sex industry work)
  • Good retirement transition for exotic dancers


“The fights would be my biggest one, and the customers that are disrespectful. Sometimes the late nights get to you and the way some people look at you for what you do.”

  • Lack of job security
  • Lack of respect from boss (possibly)
  • With patrons lack of sincerity (“you’re so beautiful”)
  • Must work very hard – can be physically draining
  • Carries a lot of the same stigma as working as a dancer

Income Potential

Hourly-wage plus tips.


Training as a server helps but is not necessary as each bar has its own procedures that they will train you on. It might help you to get the job if you have a “Serving it Right” certificate. You can purchase the book at government-run liquor stores, pay to do your test, and voila! You’ve got your certification.

Conflicts with Customers

  • Stay clam
  • Try to offer something to a customer, such as a shot on the house, or a new table
  • Try to keep things to their liking, calling them sweetie, honey, or doll seems to work well
  • When fights happen always, grab gloves

Most Dangerous Aspect of the Job

Working in an environment with not enough security when people are really intoxicated.


  • Don’t walk to your car alone, especially with cash.
  • You need to be able to hold your own, and not take things to heart. Being funny and light really helps but other times you will need to put your foot down. You need the customers to think they have power but if need be you have to be able to let them know you always had it.
  • Stick it out. At first it’s hard but it gets fun and much better. Although some girls really don’t end up picking it up. That’s alright. You just don’t have the kind of mind state to do this kind of work.

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