A Review of the Fancentro Adult Content Platform

I have been using the Fancentro platform to sell my content since March 13, 2022. The reason I did not sign up for Only Fans is because I have heard they are not sex worker-friendly and I’ve seen countless complaints online from sex workers who had their content removed or lost their accounts or had payment difficulties.

I researched quite deeply for an adult site that supports sex workers, as well as sex workers rights. I also wanted really good, fast customer service. When I was doing my research, I was impressed how Fancentro would answer me within minutes when I had questions. They also offer a training program, delivered by the hot and sexy MelRose Michaels, whom I decided to follow because she’s succeeding on this platform. (I recommend subscribing to her!)

It has only been a few months but I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the platform. There are several pros and cons that I have noticed. I’ll start with the cons because I would like to end on a high note, as I am overall happy with my experience on the platform so far. You can check out my page here, if you’d like:


I don’t get notifications for comments in my feed

The first thing I noticed that was disappointing was that I don’t get notifications when someone posts a comment under one of my videos or photos. This makes it difficult to encourage and carry-on conversations on my feed. I have to scroll through and try to find any new comments. Out of everything, I find this to be the most frustrating. My subscribers tell me that they get notifications when I reply to THEM but I don’t get notifications when they reply to me. Very disappointing.

I cannot link to my own website

Fancentro allows me to post a link to my Twitter and I could post a link to a “modelcentro” account (if I had one). But I cannot link my website. Instead, I work around this by posting my website in my feed and at the end of my videos. However, I wish Fancentro would allow a direct link on my profile to my website.

Cannot profit share with other performers

I know that this is function available on other platforms but I have not seen anything like this on Fancentro. I fear it will be difficult to do collaborations with other Fancentro performers when we cannot profit share the content we create together. I think this would be a really cool function for Fancentro to add.

There is no app

I would love if I could easily post little videos and photo snapshots to my feed using an app. I find it clunky and not ideal posting directly from my phone to my account, so I use my laptop every morning and post once a day.

No context in emails and a time delay

When I send out an email to my subscribers or followers, they get an email message that says: “You have received a message from TNT Annie.” They have to click through to their account and open it to see what the message says. It would be amazing if the words of the message would show in the email, to entice the subscriber or follower to open it and check it out. It also takes hours sometimes for me to receive a notification that a subscriber has sent me a message, whereas they receive notifications right away when I message them.

Cannot delete or ban a subscriber or follower yourself

In order to have an abusive sub/ follower removed, you have to reach out to Fancentro directly and tell them why. I recently had to do this and although they told me the sub was removed, he was still able to send me a few more rude messages. I’m not sure what happened there, but I worked with Fancentro admin to resolve the issue. However, it would be nice if we could block subscribers and followers ourselves. When I am getting attacked or treated poorly by someone online, I like to be able to put a stop to it immediately.

A ”Support for Ukraine” banner always comes up

It’s a silly little thing, but I personally find it annoying that every time I open Fancentro, there is an ask for donations to support Ukraine. I have my favourite organizations and issues that I like to donate to. I don’t want my subs being harassed for donations every time they open Fancentro. I realize it’s not a big deal to click the X and close the box, but it keeps popping open when you change the page and personally, I don’t like it.


Most importantly – they support sex worker rights!

I can promote my massage services and other sex work-based content on Fancentro, no problem. For instance, I can share photos of prostate massage toys and cum shots on the mirror from clients. They also have a resource list of sex worker organizations so content creators can access that information if needed.

NSFW (not safe for work) content is NOT shown publicly

I find the site to be classier than most adult content sites in that minors can’t go to there and see nudity or porn. Creators can only post nudity and suggestive content privately for subs. I feel more comfortable being on a platform that is safe from being viewed by children. It also prevents more tame adult content creators (like me) from having to compete with hardcore porn performers in the public and follower feeds.

Twitter compatible

I have my Twitter connected to my account so that every once in awhile, the platform sends out automated messages to help me promote myself. What is sent out is editable and you can opt in or out of multiple promotions. For instance, when I have a subscriber that has stayed with me for three months, Fancentro will post a flashy, brag tweet to my account.

Failsafe’s are in place to prevent minors from being exploited

To sign up as a performer, I had to provide proof of age and all that, of course. But I am also required to attach both ID and a model consent for each person who appears in my content. This is meant to prevent minors from being exploited on the platform. Even though it is a bit of an extra hassle, I LOVE this feature because for one, I feel better about posting my own content on a site that is less likely to be infiltrated by pedos. And secondly, there is much less of a chance that the site will get shut down by governments if they can show proof of age and consent from every performer. This provides security for content and my longevity on the platform.

People can subscribe for $ or follow for free

I like that people can follow for free if they are not ready to subscribe. It gives me a chance to convert them in my feed and stories. Although the majority of my current subscribers were drawn to me through my sex work and my twitter, some started out as followers who found me on Fancentro.

I get paid directly into my bank account

Although this is not ideal for everyone because you have to wait until you’ve made a minimum of $1250 before the money is deposited into your account, it works great for me. Fancentro is a side gig for me (for now). My goal is to build my online business until I don’t need to do in person sex work anymore and I can just stick with my favourite clients, if I do it at all. But for now, sex work is my main income source. Therefore, I can wait till I’ve earned $1250 before I get paid. There are other payment options for people who want or need to be paid sooner. I’ve only had one payout since I started my Fancentro in March and it is August now.

Targeted mass DMs

One of the features I really like with Fancentro is that I can send out targeted mass DMs. I can send them to my subscribers or my followers or my expired subs or everyone! I use it to send discounted clips to my subs and followers. (Subs get the BIGGEST discounts.) I also send out free, sexy photos and message my subs and followers five days a week. I send them links to surveys I’m doing and promote my blog and website in my DMs too.

Ability to change names

When someone subscribes, they are given a code name which does not tell me who they are unless they change their own name to something I recognize. However, if I know who they are by a message they send me or a conversation we’ve had, I can change their name to something I recognize so that I know who I am talking to when I receive another message from them or they post something in my feed.

Multiple ways to earn $$$

Ways that I make money on Fancentro:

  • Send locked content in DMs that they must pay to unlock
  • I post clips to my clip store – entire naughty videos for sale
  • I perform in a livestream for tips
  • Subscribers tip me sometimes if they see something they really like in my feed or I send them some free content they enjoy
  • Subscribers – These are my VIPs! I love the people who are willing to subscribe on a monthly basis and hope to get enough of them that I can spend my work days playing with them online!

As you can see, there are multiple ways to earn on Fancentro. You can also mark down clips temporarily or permanently, delete clips or any content if you change your mind.

Ability to create hidden and tiered subscription offers

I love this option to create hidden subscription offers. I use this feature to offer discounts to people as a reward for their support and loyalty. All of the people who subscribe for free to my blog get a reduced subscription rate, for instance. But they only find that out if they subscribe. I don’t advertise it because I want people to sign up at the higher subscription amount whenever possible. I also offer a One-Month Lurker subscription where the sub can sign up for a higher price for just one month. And I regularly offer discounts on the first month for people who sign up to be my Hardcore Fans. They are rebilled monthly and I am the most grateful for these subs, so I make a huge effort to keep them happy and provide regular, new content.


I have been on a lot of different platforms over the years and I must say that I’ve never had such good customer service. That’s not say that everything is always resolved immediately. But they respond immediately and I never feel like I’ve been left floundering. I had an issue with someone on the Fancentro staff not approving photos of me that had watermarks from my photographer in them. Most of these watermarked photos were accepted but once in awhile they were rejected “for copyright concerns.” I addressed this issue with a manager and have not had a problem with this issue since.


As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons by a lot! If you are looking for a sex worker-friendly fan platform to sell your erotic content on, I would definitely recommend that you consider making Fancentro your home because of all the benefits listed above. They are constantly improving the platform too, so hopefully some of the cons will be sorted out soon. If you sign up through me, I get a kickback for bringing you on.

I hope that answers some of your questions about Fancentro. If you want to know anything else, please feel free to email me at I will do my best to answer you. Xo

Love Annie

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