Benefits of being a Male Escort

While still a controversial topic, the male escort industry is developing rapidly. 

My name’s Eleazar, and today, I’ll be taking you through my experience working with the largest and most respected male escort company in the UK — Gentlemen for Hire. 

The company has garnered a large clientele over the past ten years. They offer a wide variety of male companions for any and every occasion. 

Your escort could be ready for a date in a matter of hours, and you can be assured of maximum discretion.

Let me show you what a male escort being is like and why I love it in the first place.

Misconceptions About The Job

If you’re reading this, either you or someone you know has a skewed image of a “male escort”. 

So, allow me to clarify. I work as a straight, non-sexual male escort.

If that sounds a bit strange, it’s alright. It’s a common misconception even today.

What I do at Gentlemen for Hire has nothing to do with prostitution. I meet with women who need a “plus one” for a corporate function, a friend’s wedding, or just someone to spend time with who will listen.

Why would they hire me? 

Good question.

There’s a reason why it’s called a “job.” I’ll explain everything. 

Let’s start with the clients first.

A Peek Into My Line Of Work

If you want to be a successful and valued male escort, you must keep your clients coming back for more. You must give them a reason to choose you.

There are certain qualities I try to portray in my portfolio. Yet, what draws a lot of attention is my name. Thankfully, “Eleazar” is not a common one where I live. It helps me stand out just enough for a client to see what I’m about, which gives me sort of an edge.

Hey, I’ll take any and every advantage I can get. 

At this point, some might be thinking that booking a term with a client is the hardest part. That’s not the case at all.

You don’t keep long-term clients because of first impressions as a male escort, though. Instead, you have to deliver on the expectations that your clients have. 

While I do my best, it’s not always easy.

It takes preparation — lots of it. The stereotypes about uneducated and unqualified people in this industry are far from the truth.

To be prepared for different occasions, I keep track of the latest news about politics, technology, finance, music releases — everything. That’s imperative to connect with the women who want my company in the best way possible. 

After all, they don’t hire me to stand around, not all of them, at least. 

Then, of course, there’s fitness. Seeing as I’m still young, I want to look my best, and I believe there’s no excuse to let myself go despite knowing my way with women. That takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it.

My Experience So Far

After working in this business for over two years now, I have to say that I adore almost every bit of this job and everything that comes with it.

Since I started working as an escort, the topics I’ve been educating myself on have helped me in other spheres of life. I’ve also begun appreciating things I hadn’t found as enjoyable before. It’s a refreshing experience.

Furthermore, the wages are good. They’re not out-of-this-world, sure, but they’re more than fair. I enjoy living alone in a flat and not losing sleep over rent.

As a companion for hire, you also get to visit certain hotels, theatres, and luxury events — places that you usually wouldn’t have access to, either due to lack of time, or more commonly, the high costs.

But the most significant benefit, a privilege even, is getting to know numerous charming and powerful women. More importantly, I’m gaining valuable insight into the female mind and a better understanding of women — something most men want.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve had some not-so-stellar dates. Being politely asked to leave after your date had a fit in front of the waiter wasn’t my idea of a good time. The looks everyone gave us weren’t pleasant, either.

That date was a turning point for me. 

Was this something that I could deal with long-term? How common would such incidents be?

As it turns out, not nearly as common as I feared.

The majority of my dates so far have been incredible, and I’m grateful for meeting so many of my clients. 

I say “clients” not because I only view them as paying customers. Instead, it’s vital to remember that, or night, in most cases, I have to remain professional.

Yes, despite all the fun moments, what I offer is a service and a respectable one at that. Even that can be considered a benefit of being a male escort: 

I’ve learned a lot about setting boundaries and the importance of platonic relationships.

“Challenges” of Being A Male Escort

While some might find the following things complicated, I very much welcome them. As I’ve said, working as a male escort takes a lot of effort. 

In a way, most of that work is done before you meet your date.

You have to constantly keep yourself up-to-date with the goings-on in the world, have a proper diet and exercise. 

Then, there’s the wardrobe.

If you’re an average guy that puts on the first thing he grabs in the morning, I have news for you: 

That stuff doesn’t fly here. Get out there and buy some decent clothes that go together well and fit you right.

My former flat mate complained for months about not getting a single date. Now, he is a decent bloke: well-read and, honestly, charming. But he shows up on dates in cargo pants and a creased shirt. 

I was a cargo-pants-and-creased-shirt guy once, but working as a gentleman for hire taught me to do better and take care of myself.

My point is being a good escort means being the best version of yourself.  That takes work, but the self-esteem and confidence boost that comes with it is more than worth it.

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