Emma Alexandra’s Insights on Sex Work

By Peter Berton

There are those who do sex work for a few months, and then there are those who enjoy a profitable long-term career as a high-end service provider (SP).

Emma Alexandra ( definitely fits into the second category. 

Although she started escorting to make ends meet, Emma soon found that she had a knack for the profession and stuck with it as a money-making venture. (The fact that she loves sex didn’t hurt.)

Years later, Emma Alexandra remains an extremely popular SP. Although she is based in Montreal, Emma’s client base encompasses the world.

The Naked Truth’s Peter Berton caught up with Emma recently, to learn what she’s learned over a long, successful career.

Peter Berton: Why did you decide to become an escort?

Emma Alexander: I mostly got into escorting because I had one of those deadbeat ex-husbands.  Really I didn’t know much about it.

I saw an ad in the paper looking for ladies. I thought, “why not try it?” After all, I love sex and meeting new people. Why not get paid to do what you love? We all want a job we love, don’t we?

Peter Berton: So what was your first experience with a client like?

Emma Alexander:
I was lucky: It was also the guy’s first experience, so we just made out like old lovers. I will admit I was as nervous as hell, but in the end, it was great.

Peter Berton: How has your career as an escort evolved over time?

Emma Alexander:  I went from working for an agency to an independent in a matter of months. Once I learned the ropes, I jumped right into being an indy.

I travelled a lot. Really it was for other things, but someone suggested working in their city. I thought, “what the hell! Let’s do this!” So off I went on an exciting adventure to a new city and country and city. These days, I tour lots of places.

Peter Berton: How do you market yourself, to stand out among the competition?

Emma Alexander: Marketing myself was and is easy – just being myself and being good at what I do.

Peter Berton: You have raised a family while being an SP. How have you balanced kids and career?

Emma Alexander: My sons have always been great. Once they were old enough, I told them what I do; not the acts, of course, but being a companion.

I think they’ve learned a lot from me about how to treat a lady. They’re very nice young men. I’m a proud mother.

Peter Berton: What is your funniest SP story?

Emma Alexander: On a date with a fireman, I had my place set out to be all romantic; candles lit, music, the whole thing.

He decided to do a striptease for me. Well, his shirt hit the candles and all hell broke loose!

Thank God we saw the smoke. It was funny watching him — naked – putting out the fire and shutting off the fire detector!

Peter Berton: Wow! So what are your thoughts on current client attitudes and trends; including the impact of cybersex on client behaviours?

Emma Alexander: Men nowadays aren’t like they used to be. There used to be so many gentlemen. Now there’s a lot of “hey, what’s up? You available?”
I can’t be bothered with that bullshit, You want to spend quality time with me? Form a complete sentence!

Peter Berton: To finish off, would you have words of wisdom for other SPs  –  especially newbies?

Emma Alexander: Save, save, save. You’re only young once!

About the Author

Winner of the award for Favourite Adult Journalist, Peter Berton has written for Adult Video News, Klixxx, XBIZ, Xtra, and He likes to interview sex workers to tap into their vast knowledge about human nature, business marketing, work/life balance and succeeding as entrepreneurs.

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