High Rise Voyeurs and Exhibitionists

By Velvet Steele

As we all know the central core of Vancouver is jam packed with high rise buildings to the point of being known as the most densely populated downtown in all of North America. 

It goes without saying that “things” get seen and “things” get done. The things I am talking about are sex, and lots of it! 

Downtown dwellers are doing it, from the ground floor and up, all the way to the penthouse, even the rooftop and that equates to a lot of window space. 

What I consider stages of the theatres in the sky of each and every building visible on the city skyline. 

Red hot stages displaying the actions of the adventurous who have chosen not to close fabulous window treatments in favour of a show for those glued to the other end of a pair of binoculars or telescopes. 

Exhibitionist sex is on full display each, and every day and night, with a playbill that just can’t be written.

Whether it’s an early morning erection or the need to rub one out over some projected porn from a laptop, folks just aren’t that concerned about concealing those activities from eager eyes in the adjacent buildings. 

It’s not a situation of “if you got it flaunt it” but more of a “I’m just to lazy to get up and close the curtains” situation. 

We all love the morning sun beating down on us first thing as you lay there, so can you really be blamed as you begin to beat the meat with furious abandon? Not really. 

Morning action is always good, hell it’s good anytime throughout the day, done with wildly exciting reckless abandon or something a little more planned.

It’s inevitable that as population density intensifies, we have no where else to grow but up if your urban, and grow out if your suburban. 

The urban landscape is getting higher and higher, and built closer and closer not only to meet the supply and demand of the ever growing population but make efficient use of the declining real estate. 

In an effort to give the illusion of space and view, developers and architects are working closely to create that illusion by increasing the size frame of windows being used. Sizes that let in as much light as possible, not to mention unobscured views for prying eyes.

If your like me, you like to walk about in your home void of the trappings of the street, I’m talking about clothes. 

I love to be nude at home, carefree just the way nature intended. 

At first I was very conscious of parading about to close to the window for fear of what the neighbours would think, but as time went on, to be honest I didn’t care what the neighbours thought. 

 It’s a proven fact that the closer we get to people by having our personal space intruded on, the less we care about what others think. 

Our personal space of three feet, translates to thirty feet of living space and each is being “invaded” more and more. 

A subconscious numbing is occurring and folks are becoming less inhibited about expressions of sexual freedoms with this increased closeness.

The amorous antics of those in high rises are not to be excluded. 

Less and less are those that are engaged in high rise folic caring about those who spy from afar, and that makes the spies very happy. 

Voyeurs figured this out long before the exhibitionists ever did, so as high rises grew, so did binocular sales. 

Free is always good, why pay for it when all you have to do is look out your window? 

Keep in mind quality control is not a guarantee, you never know what you’ll find on the other end of those looking glasses. 

We’ve all seen many a telescope positioned in front of the plate glass windows that line high-rise buildings in big cities, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t there for star gazing. 

Personally, I have no problem with the idea of seeing a telescope or pair of binoculars on the coffee table, after all, it is your view.

When heated passions rise, closing the curtains is that last thing on the minds of those getting down for some hot and bothered fun time. Most don’t make a mad dash round the place in prep for privacy for play, they just get to it. 

Ok, now lets consider this, is it an invasion of privacy if someone is watching and there is no effort put forth to having privacy? No! 

If you can’t go through the very simple and basic act of putting up and using blinds, you can’t expect any real privacy. 

People will look through your window, and unless it’s your bathroom or bedroom, is it really that big of an invasion, anyway? 

Who is going to want to stare as you watch TV in your living room, or sit down to dinner? 

People will watch other people do just about anything, no matter how boring, and you need not look any further than the selection of “reality”shows jammed down our throats. Just saying!

Dressing up the performance for the uninhibited is now taking centre stage. 

People know they’re being watched and are going to great lengths to give that added extra many appreciative audiences desire. 

Action that’s happening centre stage, right up in front of those windows, by dressing it up, roleplaying the ever popular break and entry, or pizza delivery. 

If your lucky enough to find them, there are the internet postings offering the next performance so those in neighbouring high rises can gather with some wine and cheese for the 8PM showing.

Me? I don’t really care if someone watches, cause that’s me, but if that’s not your gig you can just like TV, change the channel and turn to look at the night skyline.

You never know what you’ll see.

About the Author

Welcome to the multifaceted world of Velvet Steele, a woman with a transsexual medical history.

She takes pride in her 6’1” tall frame, fair skin and once naturally blonde hair; keeping up appearances by exercising daily and eating right.

Is she an exhibitionist? You betcha, with measurements that rival Jessica Rabbit’s at 36G, 30, 39, and all her hard work at the gym, she loves to show off, more than just a little.

She is a fetish service provider of 25 plus years, and known for her appearance on the wildly popular documentary series KINK filmed here in Vancouver.

She is an advocate and activist for transsexual and transgender rights, within, and outside the sex worker community.

She is a sensitivity facilitator, contracted with the CoV and VPD. She counsels on lifestyle, sex, sexuality and gender drawing on her lived experience.

She educates on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the world of sex toys, and created the first Fetish Night in Vancouver which ran for 10 years.

Life as a fetishist and visual artist led her to activism on sex, sexuality, sexual health and subsequently sex worker rights.

She is currently nurturing her love of hosiery with a retail and blog site, at Girdleliscious Gam Wrappers. And she writes…….. a lot.

Fetish, fashion and sex, and a mantra of,

“Inspire Desire to Create, be a part of positive change!”

Lifestyle, Image, Inspiration.

Her website presents her current body of work to the public.

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