Why I Wrote “Annie Temple’s Business Bible”

Five years ago, I was working full-time for $15/hour in a warehouse and not making ends meet. I had disabling health issues that made it difficult for me to work such long hours but I couldn’t support my family on a disability income. Although my partner made good money, we still struggled to provide for our four children. I had worked as an exotic dancer and done other adult entertainment work in the past, but now I had horrible scars on me from past surgeries and my confidence was low.

I confided to a dear friend about my work struggle and she offered to teach me the ropes to start offering massages. I didn’t think my partner would be okay with it, but I asked anyway and was surprised when he told me to go ahead. “I just want you to be happy,” he said. I thought about working in a parlor or agency at first but like regular jobs, I would be committed to a schedule and I wouldn’t have the control over my work that I was searching for.

My friend showed me her set-up and answered all of my questions patiently and lovingly. Another friend took me through a doubles session to show me how she organizes her appointments and also answered my countless questions. I looked for information online, not wanting to constantly impose on my friends and I referred often to the Trade Secrets guide.

I faced my fears and insecurities, got myself a workspace, and then I winged it! I remember learning to become an exotic dancer back in the day when there was no such thing as pole dance lessons. This felt a little like that, only this time I had a network of friends to turn to. I was very grateful and privileged.

In a short time, despite my fears and insecurities, I was earning enough money to have the occasional family dinner at a restaurant, put my children in afterschool activities, and take them on a yearly family vacation. I realized that this industry has always been there for me and it was there for me again.

I’m no longer insecure about my scars, because they are a part of me and they don’t seem to scare anyone away. I have more balance in my life, now that I’m not working 9-5 for little pay. And I’ve never been closer to the people I love. I want everyone in this industry to have the peace and happiness that I have. That is why I wrote this book: “Annie Temple’s Business Bible for Er0tic Entrepreneurs.”

Traditionally, in our industry, mentorship has been how we learn. If we were lucky, we found amazing mentors, like I did. But not everyone is so lucky. I wished there was a book I could buy when I started as an independent five years ago, but I could find no such book. I relied on the kindness of others and learned by trial and error. I wrote “Annie Temple’s Business Bible” to fill that gap. It is a recounting of how I set up, run, market, and meet legal obligations for my business. It also addresses the money fear that I learned to overcome through changing my mindset.

I have found freedom, independence, control, and empowerment over my work in this industry – a lot more than I ever found in any other job.

If you or anyone you know is would like a business guide for running your adult entertainment business, you can find it on Amazon. If you do not want the book for yourself, you can purchase books for donation and distribution to organizations who help people in this industry. And make sure you head over to my website to get your free bonuses after purchasing your copy.

No matter what, I wish you peace and happiness, financial abundance and balance, and like we used to say in the clubs, “Have a great show!”

And always, remember who you are! You are a beautiful, wonderful, amazing human who shares a special gift with the world every day. You deserve everything you’ve ever hoped for. Don’t forget it.

Love Annie

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