General Offers Useful Money-Making Ideas for Sex Workers of All Kinds

By Peter Berton

The adult industry site is misnamed. Yes, it has great ideas for webcam startups, but it also has solid money-makers for sex workers across the industry.

In fact, if you work in the adult industry and want to increase your earnings, you need to check out

To learn more, I spoke with Webcam Startup CEO Aerie Saunders: “Webcam Startup is a collaboration of myself and my business partner Nathan Hammond who founded the site years ago and also is currently our CTO,” she told me.

Peter Berton: What is Webcam Startup all about?

Aerie Saunders: Webcam Startup is all about providing free and accessible information to cam performers, clip producers, phone sex operators, and basically anyone who is in the indie adult industry.

Finding information about the industry is often hidden behind paywalls or put into studio contracts that will promise to “train people” to succeed. At Webcam Startup we believe that success is attainable by anyone who has the work ethic for it, so by providing information to models free of charge to them we are able to help them to reach their goals in webcamming, clip creating, phone sex, fan clubs, and more.

We offer insight from a diverse group of models within the industry so there is truly something for everyone on our site.

Peter Berton: Why was Webcam Startup launched?

Aerie Saunders: Nate started the company from a career as an SEO and realized there was a large gap in industry information So he took his SEO experience and brought Webcam Startup to life.

It initially featured model interviews from various sites with a list of all the sites you can sign up for and information on those sites.

As his traffic grew Nate realized he could use the site as a platform to host other important information and started to add site reviews, which is how we were put into contact. Once I was brought on board along with the help of other contributors, we greatly increased the amount of tips and guides that were hosted on the site.

Seeing the positive impact that it made on the industry ultimately made it something that became a huge part of what Webcam Startup is today. As well as the guides we also run a sister site, Camland Podcast ( which is all about bringing relevant news to performers.

We update the news on the blog and we also do live podcasts to discuss the news and how it applies to performers, as well as doing a live model help show which is captained by myself that dives into topics that help new performers in the industry get started.

Peter Berton: What can you provide to help sex workers earn more online?

Aerie Saunders: We are currently providing a diverse variety of guides and tips that range from site specific tips for profile design, basics and getting started, all the way to the more intricate information on expanding into affiliate work and really getting a good grasp on every angle the industry has to offer.

Our live model help show that can be found on our YouTube channel is also a great thing that models can tune into to help obtain valuable information to help learn more. Our YouTube channel is located here: .

We are also constantly putting out new information as things change and evolve within the industry, we are pretty much acting as a one-stopshop for everything you need to know as an indie performer. If there is anything that you can’t find for some reason, we are always open to suggestion and love adding new helpful things to the site.

Peter Berton: What areas do you cover and how do you get paid from them?

Aerie Saunders: We cover pretty much every area of the industry, our biggest guides are definitely the camming, clip site, phone sex, fan club, and skype guides.

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