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Critical Safety Components

Sex work presents some unique challenges in prevention of transmission of COVID-19. There are some actions which are critical in ensuring the lowest chance of transmission;

  • Hard screening of both clients and workers – using the BC Centre for Disease Control self assessment tool – – This tool is available in multi- ple languages. This is seen as an important measure to protect yourself, your staff and patrons from transmission.
  • Minimizing Facial Contact – COVID-19 is a respiratory infection so minimizing close contact face to face with clients or other staff members is key to preventing the spread.
  • Physical Distancing in Staff Areas – has been an issue across all industries and as such enhanced cleaning and physical distancing measures are critical in these spaces.

While these critical guidelines are important, some of the guidelines outlined at the links below may not apply too you or your business and that is ok. Each business should create their own “written safety plan” which includes the ways you intend to address the critical areas of concern and the following 6 areas of consideration.

Please follow this link to find more detailed information for sex workers, sex work clients and sex industry business owners;

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