Our Bodies

Chapter 6 – Intro

“‘Selling our Bodies’ is a slang term used by many people who oppose our industry. But for many of us, we do not feel we are selling our bodies. No one purchases and walks away with our bodies (or our souls). We are not commodities – our services are what we sell.”

Information in this chapter was taken from contributors to Trade Secrets, the BC Centre for Disease Control STI/HIV Program, Stella’s “Dope Guide,” and Stella’s “Dear Client” handbook.

Our bodies are very important in this business. How we look and even our ability to do this work depends upon us caring for our bodies. This chapter will cover common issues and their remedies, STI’s and condom use, genital health, working with bodily fluids and wastes, accessing health services, alternative health, beauty secrets, plastic surgery, and drugs and alcohol.

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