Our Bodies

Common Issues and Remedies

No matter what area of the sex industry you work in, your body is at risk of physical injury. So, it is very important to take precautions against injury that could leave you unable to work.

Common injuries for sex industry workers are: over-use disorders, water on the knee (from kneeling and crawling), foot problems (from wearing stilettos), accidents that happen from exertion (popping a hip out), carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, and pulled muscles.

You should stretch before and after work. Use ice on sore, bruised, or swollen body parts.

When you are hurt or sick, take time off work, if possible. If you’re an exotic dancer, do lazier shows. Stick to positions and services that do not aggravate the illness or injury. Learn ways to perform your services without re-injuring body parts that are susceptible.

Bursitis/water on the knee comes from putting too much pressure directly on your kneecaps. If this happens to you, keep your knee wrapped tightly in a tensor bandage and elevated as much as possible during the day and in bed at night. You can also apply a product called Traumeel (a topical anti-inflammatory cream, available at health food stores) to help the healing process.

Staph Infection

A staph infection is a bacterial skin infection. It can give a person crusty, oozing sores on the skin. Staphylococci are very common bacteria found all over the place and very often on healthy people’s skin, in their noses, etc. But, when a person’s immune system is run down, or they have a wound or break in the skin, staph has an opportunity to grow and cause problems.

Many staph infections clear up on their own or can be easily dealt with through a course of antibiotics. There are some staph bacteria that are resistant to most antibiotics, called MRSA, and they are harder to treat. Good handwashing/ showering can help prevent staph. So can covering any cuts or sores before skin-to-skin contact.


Allergy to latex is often developed through repeated exposure. So if you used to be fine with latex condoms, but you aren’t now – you may have obtained the allergy from using them.
There are hypo-allergenic condoms made from polyurethane that offer the same protection against STIs as latex condoms. Some are produced by Durex and called “Avanti.” Trojan also has a line called “Supra.” You can find them at most pharmacies.

The same applies for gloves made with Nitrile. They will not cause an allergic reaction. Ensure that the gloves you use do not have too much powder as this can cause friction and irritation.
If you suspect you are allergic to lube, check for spermicide. It is very common for spermicide to cause allergic reactions. If there is no spermicide in the lubrication, try to stick with water-based lubricants, which are least likely to cause irritation.

Many people are also allergic to massage oils. Natural oils and powders are preferable in these instances.

Symptoms of Allergic Reaction to Condoms, Lubes, and Sex toys

  • Skin irritation
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Redness


Keeping your feet looking beautiful can be a challenge when you’re stuffing them into stilettos every day. It’s even more important to keep them working properly, so you can still use them when you’re done this job.

Here is some advice for taking care of your feet:

  • Wear heels only when working.
  • Try to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Put lotion on them with your socks overtop to soak the moisture in. Lube works too if you don’t have lotion.
  • Soak them in Epsom salts.
  • Pedicures for calluses.
  • Wear runners when you’re not working.
  • Use pumice stones and Johnson’s Foot Soap.
  • Buy the right size shoes; never settle for a size too small. It will give you more time on your feet.

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