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Fake Lay

“I used a ‘fake lay’ technique quite a bit while working because I didn’t want to have intercourse with my clients. It was a risk, because if the client caught on, it would lead to conflict. I had to use good judgment on which clients I would try to deceive like that.”

Fake Lay is when a worker pretends to have anal, vaginal or oral sex but instead uses hand manipulation or manipulation by some other body part.

Fake Anal – Worker lies on stomach and client mounts from behind. Worker reaches around to “guide” the penis in but instead squeezes their bum cheeks together hard around the penis simulating anal sex yet with no penetration.

Fake Vaginal – Standing doggie style is the best for this. Worker bends over and reaches between legs to “guide” the penis in. Instead, the worker uses her hand and outer pussy lips to manipulate the penis squeezing her legs together tight to increase pressure on the penis simulating vaginal sex with no penetration.

Fake Oral – Often performed by one worker on another. One worker will have long hair or wear a wig. One worker lies on their back and the worker with the wig or long hair drags their hair over the pelvic area of their co-worker obscuring a client’s view of the sexual act. The long-haired worker then simulates movements related to oral sex but with no actual oral sex occurring.

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