Our Bodies

Working with Bodily Fluids and Wastes

When working with bodily fluids and wastes (blood, urine, feces, semen, female ejaculate), it is clearly important to try and eliminate any kind of contact with them. We want to avoid exposing ourselves to diseases, viruses, and bacteria. The following information comes from a fetish worker experienced in working safely with bodily fluids and wastes.

Safe Scatology

Some like to pretend it does not exist, but scat work is much more popular than most people realize. It is important to know what you’re doing when dealing with human feces.

How to take a poo on command:

  1. Tell client he needs to book a day in advance so you can prepare.
  2. Eat a huge dinner, and when you wake up eat a huge breakfast.
  3. Make an extra strong pot of coffee, and start drinking 30-60 minutes before your client arrives. (Some service providers poop from taking a couple shots of alcohol. I use coffee.) The strong coffee on an extremely full stomach makes me take a big poop.
  4. Place your client on a tarp on the floor, or make him lay down in the shower/bathtub for easy clean-up.


  1. Most scat (brown showers) clients like long, hard poos.
  2. Taking laxatives/suppositories changes the natural smell, and it ends up being runny. Not recommended.
  3. If you are doing enemas, you should use two cups of water, hold it in a couple minutes and massage your tummy, then release the watery part into the toilet. The first part that gets expelled is always runny. Quickly run and stand over the client so the harder poop lands on their body upon release. The water stimulates the bowels to expel the harder poop.


  • Always charge extra money, and tell them they are paying for the service, not your time. This is due to the odor factor. It is not easy hanging around in poo smell. Once you’ve pooped, you can leave the room.
  • You can still talk dirty from the next room to get him to cum. Or tell him to tell you how much he loves your poop. This will get him off faster.
  • Get your Hepatitis shots, and tell your client to do so as well.
  • Some clients eat poop. This is not a safe activity, although it is common. You might try telling them to grab poop and rub it all over themselves to distract them from eating it. However, clients that are into eating it will likely do so regardless.
  • Some men fantasize about scat, or watch lots of scat porn, but once they come in for a session, they realize it’s not what they imagined it to be. Be prepared to be non-judgmental and supportive if they get upset, grossed out, or sick. Have mouthwash and clean drinking water available.
  • Before the session, ask their experience level. Ask what makes them turned on by scat in the first place to delve into their mind and see where the fantasy stems from.

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