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Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Quotes from Trade Secrets contributors:

“Work hard and choose modeling jobs that you enjoy. The camera picks up on everything and if you are not enjoying the scene, it really shows. If this is the case, reputable employers may overlook you for future shoots after seeing your lacklustre work.”

“Be a serious and ethical businessperson. Get a lawyer. Develop character. Pay your taxes. And stay safe. Do not believe everything agencies tell you. There are ethical ones, which will work with you properly. But sometimes things happen and you have to be able to protect yourself.”

“As difficult as it is sometimes, try to maintain a pleasant demeanour on stage. A scowling, grumpy and/or bored-looking stripper will only alienate the crowd. The friendlier you appear on stage, the more likely customers are to tip. When I’m in a bad mood I find that dancing to music I enjoy and trying to get my heart rate up a bit helps me turn on the happy face on stage.”

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