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Finding a Business Space

“Discretion is key. Be polite but avoid getting to know your neighbours. The less they know about your business, the better. Especially in an apartment setting.”

“My dream for this is universal with most people, in every walk of life. I want to find a low cost but high quality suite to rent for business.”

Adult Film/Photography/Webcam Studio: Look for warehouse space in industrial areas for cheaper rent and neighbours who won’t notice or won’t care.

Apartment: It is a good idea to live in a high rise for security sake as well as so no one will notice the traffic in and out in a big building. Pick a location with soundproof features such as concrete floors. Hang drapes or fabric from your walls to lower noise transfer. Work during hours when others are working to avoid them overhearing you.

Dungeon: Find a space that is sound proof, has no carpets, strong wooden beams, and high ceilings in a non-residential neighbourhood.

Hotel Room: One of the benefits of renting a hotel room for your work is that your residence remains confidential and you can go home after work.

Strip Club: Find out which municipalities have adopted bylaws banning exotic entertainment to narrow down your search possibilities. Or try to find clubs that have a “grandfathered” liquor license, which omits them from being subject to bylaws that came into place after their liquor license had been purchased.

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