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Skill Building and Training

“It may be better to apprentice in this type of work as there are many laws and liability issues that can arise. If you want to open your own film company it may be wise to partner up with someone who is more skilled and has more experience.”

While most of our learning in this industry comes from “apprentice-like” relationships with industry veterans, there is a lot we can do to become better business-people.

There are programs available through your city recreational services, colleges, and universities that teach basic accounting programs, how to write business plans, computer courses in Photoshop, and other programs.

What skills would help you run your business better? Choose the skills that you’d like to learn and pay others to do things you’re not so interested in learning yourself. For instance, if you are artistic but not very mathematical, learn how to make great ads for yourself, but hire an accountant to do your books.

Another important certificate all sex industry workers should have is First Aid. We hope down the road there will be First Aid courses designed specifically (and offered free) for sex industry workers, to address the kinds of hazards most common for us.

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