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Screening Customers

“Anyone who does not want to use condoms or other protection, those who try to get a deal, and anyone who gets mad at YOU because THEY can’t get it up… Stay away!”

There are many ways to screen customers. Here are some tips from sex industry workers across Canada:

By phone:

  • When you are first learning to screen customers over the phone, you may book a lot of undesirables or no-shows. But over time, you will find it easier to be a good judge of character over the phone.
  • Don’t make appointments with blocked/private/withheld callers. Tell them to call back from an unblocked number.
  • Question them a bit and see how the energy is.
  • Listen to their tone of voice. Is the speech slurred?
  • Does the client speak to you respectfully?
  • Typically, a good client will phone to ask a few questions and book a time. If a phone call goes longer than a couple of minutes, this is usually bogus. The caller is just looking for a chat buddy. It rarely goes further than that.

Via Internet:

  • Ask them to communicate via email and keep emails on file once you’ve made the first appointment.
  • Only reply to well-written emails that at least try to sound like they are interested in seeing you specifically and aren’t just cold-calling every pro in the city to see who will give the best rate.
  • Use DateCheck www.date-check.com
  • Good clients use respectful language in their emails and are more interested in booking a time than giving long-winded speeches. They might have a few specific questions. But generally, people of quality have already researched your services and do not need extensive communication.

In person:

  • Check whether or not they are under the influence by checking for slurred speech, smell of booze, and facial expressions that would indicate intoxication.
  • Weed out the good customers from the bad based on the questions they ask prior to the service. Turn away customers who ask too many questions about why a certain service is or is not allowed.
  • Check their reaction to price to see if they can really afford it.

In General:

  • Ask exactly what they want including questions like: are you interested in gentle, romantic sex or are you wanting a hard-core banging? Sometimes these conversations will lead them to disclose more about themselves, which is useful for screening.
  • Get referrals from trustworthy people.


  • If they want to pay you really well, it might be too good to be true.
  • Different cultures view sex industry workers in varying lights.
  • Always be on guard.
  • Intuition is a powerful personal tool. It never lets you down. So listen to it always.

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