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Typical Clients

Although there are really no “typical” clients, just as there are no “typical” sex industry workers, there are some things we can tell you about your patrons.

You may wonder if sex industry patrons seek a range of sex industry services or if they tend to stick with one. This is very individual, however, six out of the seven clients who contributed to this project admitted to participating in more than one area of the industry.

Here are some ways that sex industry workers who contributed to this guide described their customers:

Lonely Customers – They feel lonely for whatever reason (estranged marriage, divorce, disability) and they want to spend time with beautiful, intelligent sex industry workers.

Regular Customers – They come around often and may spend a lot too.

White Knights – They want to rescue us because they think we’re in a bad situation; they need to feel like they’re helping.

Young Punks – Younger guys who treat sex industry workers poorly and behave in a vulgar manner.

Fetish Guys – They have fetishes. For example, they love feet and they want to buy your socks. Or they like to watch you lap dance their girlfriend.

Tourists – These clients go dungeon hopping all over the world trying out the different Dominas. They aren’t afraid to lay some money down, and you know you are getting graded and compared on your performance.

Time-wasters – Clients who call every day, and email about their fantasies all the time, but rarely book.

An escort in Vancouver describes her clients like this:

The nice ones: These are people who are looking for intimacy and companionship. Whatever they are lacking in their personal life, they hope we will help them find it.

The mean ones: These people will be mean to anyone. It just happened to be my turn that day. Since sex industry workers are at the front lines, like firemen, policemen and businesses with access open to the public, the chances for sex industry workers to meet people who lack proper people skills are higher. The chances to meet people who direct their anger and aggression towards sex industry workers also occurs. The stigma that sex industry workers are less than human and deserve less respect due to their profession is very real.

The floaters: Sometimes a person who has a distinguished façade in the world, gets into an appointment with a sex industry worker and loses all mind of gentlemanliness. Suddenly he acts like an ape. When the sex industry worker reminds him of his actions or requests respect, the gentleman can amend himself and restrain himself. Sometimes he will stay nice. Sometimes he will switch back and forth.

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