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Cultural Associations

“Find a way to grow thick skin. Do not abuse your power. And contribute positive to society.”

Your culture is everything to do with your external world – your parents, your heritage, your celebrations, your taboos. How you dress, what part of the city you live in, who your friends are, what kinds of interests you have (music, arts, sports) – all these and so much more are your cultural associations.

Most of us hide our sex industry work from our other cultural associations. This is explored more in Chapter 7 – Our Relationships. And yes, adult entertainment is yet another cultural association we have.

It can be difficult to meld our sex industry work with other parts of our lives, especially if they are cultures that oppose sex industry work – religious affiliations, family members, anti-sex feminists, and the list goes on.

However, there is a way to do it without disclosing your sex industry work to others.

First you must believe that you are equal to all others. And then, you must find small ways to bring your other cultural associations into your work – play a particular song, wear a particular clothing item or colour, and focus on the good that you are doing regardless of other people’s misguided interpretations.

Incorporate aspects of your other cultures into your entertainment work for your own joy and purpose. And do not feel shame for any of your cultural associations.

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