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“Sex workers are much safer working in their own home and there are no negative impacts to having an indoor sex worker in your neighbourhood. No one is going to do his or her date on the front lawn. All the sex workers I’ve ever met are extremely discreet and private about their business. Furthermore, sex workers with children should not be looked at as bad parents simply because they work in the sex industry. And, again, when working at home, its not as if we’re doing a date with our children around!”

“Potential landlords, employers, etc. should keep an open mind and not assume that because an individual works, or has worked, in the sex industry, he or she is necessarily uneducated, irresponsible, a drug addict, a “party-er,” prone to vandalism and other disorderly behaviour, or that he or she consorts with criminals.”

Get to know your neighbours. Let it happen naturally. Don’t force it. Just be sure to smile and say hi. And when opportunities present themselves, make small talk. People are less likely to be suspicious when they like you.

It’s really none of their business what you do for a living and often best to keep it on the sly. But if you choose to disclose, be understanding about how others may react. They too have been conditioned from their particular perspectives.

It can take time for some people to overcome their first reaction. Be patient and continue to be your lovely self. If they don’t ever come around again, it’s their loss. Don’t water their geraniums with your tears. Laugh it off and keep living.

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Our Community
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