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“We are not immoral, dirty, disease-ridden, stupid, thieves or criminals. We are people just like you and we are doing a job just like you. Our services are widely used and yet also widely stigmatized. Things that non-sex workers appreciate that I don’t have: insurance, friends at work, the ability to be open about what you do without fear of arrest. We are so isolated, it can be very painful.”

“We are just professionals, providing a service. Much like an accountant, or a mechanic.”

“We are very hard working. We take pride in our performances, and we are good people. We are children and parents and siblings and cousins, so treat us as you would anyone else you meet. Don’t belittle us because of our job choice, it is our job not who we are.”

“People who work in the sex industry can be regular, law-abiding, tax-paying, decent citizens. If you open your mind and open your heart, you just might be surprised at the goodness and quality positive contributions sex trade workers can make to the world.”

“In terms of addiction, we can get better. We are not lost causes.”

“It’s hard to live with dignity when people always look down on you.”

“I have my dignity. I am in charge. I am not pimped.”

The sex industry is a very positive influence on our society, it provides people with relief from their sexual frustrations that they may have a hard time finding any other way. I believe that eventually when all professionals in every part of the sex industry can have their deserved respect from the public, our society will be a much happier place for everyone.”

“We are not out to get your husbands.”

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