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Booking Staff / Phone Girls

“Sometimes it’s just not busy and there aren’t any calls, calling the office over and over won’t change that and neither will getting mad at me.”

Booking staff takes calls and answers questions from potential customers about rates and services. If a client is interested, they will take down their information – name, location, and desired time for the encounter.

They select and inform the worker of the booked engagement and arrange a driver / security for the worker. There is usually a call-in service where they check in with you to ensure your safety during the engagement.

For some entertainers, phone girls manage more than just the phone. They tell you to do your laundry, delegate chores, and book out-calls.

Make sure booking staff knows how you like to promote yourself (specs, ethnicity, services offered, and special talents). They make commission off the call so they should want repeat customers.

Ask them not to lie about you. Lying to customers makes them disappointed and sets you up for potential violence.

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