Your driver might be your best bet to staying safe in this business. Be sure that you have a driver you can trust. Good drivers will help you carry your bags, walk you out to the car, be sober and polite, and watch out for you.

During outcalls, make sure the driver is alert and waiting outside for you during your whole session in case you want to leave early.

It is best to ask what the prices are for a ride before booking the driver. Many drivers have a price list depending on which area of town you are going to.

Although tipping is nice, it’s not mandatory. You should tip if they are providing security though, as being security is a dangerous, high-stress job.

Be aware of people who post ads for driver services online, but just want sexual services rather than a pay out.

If you’re a dancer jamming in Winnipeg and you don’t have a choice of driver, consider renting a vehicle while you’re in town.

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