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Drug Dealers

If you use drugs, here are some ways you can protect yourself.

  • Try not to take drugs from clients. It’s easy to become addicted when you’re always getting drugs for free. Plus, you don’t know what those drugs are cut with.
  • Buy all street drugs from drug dealers you trust.
  • You may feel that giving sexual favours in return for drugs is better than looking for a date, which could potentially be dangerous. At least you know the drug dealer and you aren’t afraid of him.
  • Or you might prefer to only use money to pay for drugs, believing that drug dealers give you more respect because you won’t trade sex for drugs.
  • It is very dangerous to accept drinks from clients. Even a bottle of water could be full of GHB. Be sure to watch the drink being poured, then keep an eye on it at all times.
  • Try to keep a distant, non-personal relationship with drug dealers so they cannot impact your life.
  • Try to use the same drug dealer consistently so you are sure of the potency of the dose you are taking.

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