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Hair and Make-up Professionals

Hair Stylists

It is uncommon to have hair stylists for adult film and modeling unless you purchase their services before the shoot. If you are having sex, keep your hair simple as it’s going to get messy during the workday. Bring your own hairbrush and hair products to the set for fix-ups during breaks. Some places may have a hair stylist provided. It’s a tax write-off. So get receipts.

Make-up artists

Look at their portfolios first. If you like their work, ask them to come in for a free or discounted trial to see how you like them. They’re usually fun to chat with before a shoot.

Some make-up takes forever to do. Try to sit still and be patient while they work. If you have your own artist and it’s going to be a long day, ask the business owner if you can bring her on set for touch ups.

If the make-up artist does not stick around for the shoot, it is okay to ask her to leave a little make-up behind for touch-ups. Some adult film / modeling companies have their own make-up person they like to use. It is also a tax write-off. So get receipts.

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