Our Coworkers

Movie Directors / Producers

Movie Directors / Producers (and photographers) can edit content however they like. You are required to sign your rights over in order to get work and get paid.

They tell you what activities are required during the shoot, but often you won’t know what the content will be used for. They can also alter photos of you to make your face look different, and you cannot change them because you signed your rights over.

Remember that you don’t have a say in how you are advertised or promoted either. They can say you are a ‘Barely Legal Cum Drinking Whore’, when you’re really a 28-year-old, lesbian tennis-player.

Be aware that the directors and producers decide what content they want to shoot. If you don’t want to perform that content for some reason or another, you may lose the chance to work for that movie. Stick to your guns though. If possible, specify your boundaries ahead of time.

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