When hiring security, it is best to use a friend or someone referred to you by people you trust. Tell them what you need and find out their experience levels before hiring them.

Come up with safety plans together. Make sure you know each other’s job descriptions and duties.

On more challenging nights, tip your security. It will keep them motivated in their job.

Strip Club Bouncers

“One evening, after repeatedly asking the bouncer to throw out a rowdy customer without success, the customer finally got up and threw a full pint of beer with glass at my face! I jumped off the stage and beat this asshole with my bull whip! He left the bar and later charged me with assault. MY BAD. The club owner said that I was “on my own” and the negligent bouncer was nowhere to be found. The charge stuck and I had to pay damages.”

There are lots of great bouncers out there. They seem to genuinely care about our safety and they take their jobs seriously. Others could use some training (or a good kick in the ass).

Feel free to report bad bouncers to club managers. But be aware that the manager may back him up rather than you. Use your own discretion and trust your gut.

One strategy is to tip your bouncers in advance. It reminds them that they have a job to do. And you’ll likely see a marked improvement in your own security.

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