Our Coworkers


Webmasters design how you are being promoted online. You can have a complete business relationship with a Webmaster without ever meeting him or her in person. Check out their portfolios before hiring them. You can and should Google their names to check out their work.

Anyone can get a decent website for $100 these days. A person trying to charge $3000 better have some Steven Spielberg special effects going on.

Webmasters are under your employ, so you must tell them exactly what text/wording you want, and only send them your favourite photos.

You really have to describe the look you’re aiming for. You determine everything from font style (the way the letters look) and colour schemes to choice of wording. You are the creator behind all of it and it all makes a difference in the clientele’s mind.

Don’t pay until it is done. It is always a good idea to give gifts (wine, baking, a little money) at the end of every well-done project.

If the webmaster you hired isn’t working on things in a timely manner, find out why. Give a deadline, and if they don’t make it, find someone else. Change your passwords just before breaking the deal with them, so they no longer have access to your content, and make sure they know they have no rights to your material upon submission.

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