Our Language

Our Language

The following terms were written by BCCEC members and compiled from the following sources:

Stella’s Constellation Working Conditions Issue, April 2009
The Big Book of Porn – By Seth Grahame-Smith

A-frame – Bondage furniture of an upright triangle usually made of wood.

Abasiophilia – Aroused by those in wheelchairs, crutches, and casts.

Abrasion – Enjoying the sensation of brushing the skin with rough objects.

Acomoclitic – Aroused by shaved genitalia.

Acucullophilia – Aroused by circumcised men.

Adult babies – The submissive plays the role of a baby or infant.

Adult Film and Photography – Movies and photos with adult oriented sexual content; including but not limited to categories such as soft-core, hard-core, max hard-core, BDSM and fetish activities.

Adult film and photography companies – Business owners who run adult film and photography studios, productions, sessions for DVD, internet or photos.

Adult film and photography talent/model/performer – Adult who performs and/or models in adult oriented films and photo shoots.

Age play – Role play where one acts of a different age.

Air Dance – Closer than a private dance, but there’s no actual contact. Common in Alberta and BC. From cameras, or to the untrained eye it might look like a lap dance, but there’s always at least 4-6 inches of air between the dancer and the customer. Dancer might touch a guy’s shoulder or leg for balance, but really it’s no contact.

Algophilia – Arousal from receiving pain.

Altocalciphilia – Arousal from high heel shoes.

Animalism – When one assumes the role of a dog, horse or other animal.

Anal Play – Stimulating or penetrating the anus for sexual pleasure.

Analingus – Rimming or penetration of the anus with the tongue.

Asian – Analingus

Asian Cowgirl – Girl on top, squatting. The Asian Cowgirl position is basically the same position as the regular Cowgirl except that the receiver plants their feet instead of kneeling.

Attempts – Trying to orgasm.

Aunt Flo – Period / menstruations / red tide / full moon.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation – Arousal from lack of oxygen.

Auto erotica – Self induced arousal from fantasies, pornography, erotica or other aids.

Auto-felatio – Act of sucking one’s own penis.

Back Massage – Some strip clubs allow dancers to offer back massages between sets of dancing on stage. It’s a good way to earn extra money and fill time between shows. During the massage the customer is clothed and the dancer is clothed.

Bad Date / Bad Trick – Commonly used to refer to clients who rob or assault sex workers.

Bad Date List – Published lists of bad date reports from sex workers. Also called: Ugly Trick Sheet, Red Light Alert, Ugly Mug List.

Bastinado – Torture on the soles of feet.

BDSM – A compounded acronym for B/d (Bondage/discipline), D/s (Domination/submission), and S/m (Sadism/masochism). It covers the three aspects of a lifestyle that usually involves more than one or all of these sets of activities, but may also only include one.

Beat cops – Police that patrol the area you work in. As opposed to VICE cops, who have jurisdiction over crimes related to sex industry work.

Beef curtains – Slang term for women’s labia.

Binding – Wrapping the feet or genitals with string, rope or lace.

Bisexual – One who has sex with 2 different genders.

Blacklisted – Denied work based on agent’s / club owner’s whim or own conduct.

Blindfolding – Covering the eyes during sexual play.

Blood play – Activity where blood is drawn.

Body modification – Tattooing, piercing, branding; altering the body.

Body Worship – Sex game in which one partner willingly chooses to adore another’s body.

Boot worship – Adoration of the Dominant’s boots.

Bondage – Physical or mental restriction of a partner.

Bottom – The casual term for someone who enjoys the submissive role but is not generally committed to a fulltime D/s relationship or one partner.

Bukkake – When a number of male performers ejaculate on a female performer.

cam2cam – The client is on a webcam too and you can see him or her

Caning – A whipping with a switch or cane; an extreme form of erotic sensation play.

Cash and dash – Worker who takes clients money and runs.

Cat o’ Nine Tails – A whip with nine strands.

Chastity Belts – Leather or metal belts used to prevent genital penetration.

Circle Jerk – Guy who drives around street-based sex workers masturbating instead of picking one of them up.

Cock – Penis.

Cock Rings – Rings placed around the base of the male genitals to maintain erections.

Companion – Socialize; hang out; drinks and/or appetizers.

Consent – Permission.

Contact Dance – Same as a lap dance, but with 2-way contact. Grinding is allowed. The dancer can pretty much do anything, breasts in face, lots of wiggling and grinding. The customer can touch legs, tummy, and back. The level of contact depends on the girl and the club. Some places allow touching of breasts, some don’t. “No titty, no kitty” is common in the US and in parts of Ontario. Groin is limited to grinding, and varies greatly between dances on the amount of grinding. The dance is still a tease, and does not include full-service or climax. A lap dancer’s job is to titillate the customers for lengthy periods; keeping them sexually aroused with as many dances as possible. A good lap dancer can keep a guy in that couch for a long time and never offer full service.

Cooch; Coochie, Cookie – Slang term for a woman’s vulva and/or vagina.

Corporal Punishment – Physical discipline.

Corseting – Body modification or oxygen restriction from using corsets.

Courtesan – Intelligent conversation, knowledge of art, literature, fine dining, and the erotic arts, escort; timed session, sexual athletics.

Cream Pie – When a male performer ejaculates inside a female performer. (often then sucking it out after)

Cross-dresser – A person who wears the apparel of the opposite sex.

Cruising – Driving around, looking for streetwalkers.

Cuckoldry – When a Dominant has sex with another in front of a submissive in order to humiliate.

Cunnilingus – Oral sex performed on a woman.

Dacryphilia – Arousal from seeing one cry.

Digits – Finger penetration to vagina or anus – giving and receiving.

Discipline – Punishment and control of a partner during sex play. Sometimes administered without erotic attachment as a training measure for submissive and slaves.

Doggie – Sex from behind partner while on hands and knees.

Dominance/Submission – Power exchange between partners.

Dominatrix/Domme/Dom/Domina – A person, usually hired, to function as a top or sadist. (Dom is the male version; Domme, Domina and dominatrix are the female versions).

Donation – Payment or tribute from client to worker.

Doubles – A threesome with two workers and one client.

Dungeons – Rooms that are decorated for SM play.

Edgeplay – Administering the more extreme of the BDSM activities. Another definition is when you bring someone to the ‘edge’ of almost cumming, and then stop.

Enema – Inserting water into the rectum/anus.

Erotica – Sexual literature and photos.

Erotic conversation, dirty talk – Sex talk with the sex worker in person, on the telephone, or on the Internet.

Erotic couple – Two sex workers who perform sexual acts between them.

Erotic dance, striptease – Sexual dance. This type of dance becomes a striptease when the sex worker undresses while dancing. The level of contact with a client can vary and this is to be negotiated in advance. See “Female Exotic Dancer” and “Male Exotic Dancer.”

Escort Service – An escort service or agency is a sex industry business that facilitates sex industry consumers and workers in meeting safely on an “outcall basis.” An Escort Service traditionally provides advertising, security in the form of a driver, a call back service in the form of a booking girl, and access to the business owner’s regular clientele. An escort service makes money through collecting a percentage of the hourly wage to cover the costs of these services.

Escort Service Worker – An escort service worker is a sex worker who traditionally only visits clients on an “out call” basis, meaning the worker would attend the patron’s residence or hotel room for the encounter. Escorting may or may not include sexual contact however it is generally expected that sex will occur. Escort service workers are also sometimes employed to travel with their clients on vacations or business trips or to accompany them for dinner or an office party.

Exhibitionism – Engaging in sexual acts in front of others.

Facial – Ejaculation on a performer’s face.

Fake Anal – Worker lies on stomach and client mounts from behind. Worker reaches around to “guide” the penis in but instead squeezes their bum cheeks together hard around the penis simulating anal sex yet with no penetration.

Fake Lay – When a worker pretends to have anal, vaginal or oral sex but instead uses hand manipulation or manipulation by some other body part.

Fake Oral – Often performed by one worker on another. One worker will have long hair or wear a wig. One worker lies on their back and the worker with the wig or long hair drags their hair over the pelvic area of their co-worker obscuring a client’s view of the sexual act. The longhaired worker then simulates movements related to oral sex but with no actual oral sex occurring.

Fake Vaginal – Standing doggie style is the best for this. Worker bends over and reaches between legs to “guide” the penis in. instead the worker uses her hand and outer pussy lips to manipulate the penis squeezing her legs together tight to increase pressure on the penis simulating vaginal sex with no penetration.

Fantasy Play – Acting out sexual fantasies.

Fantasy – A mental image or illusion, sometimes sexual.

Feature Dancer – In Western Canada, the feature is usually the highest paid showgirl and the job description is much the same. Feature shows are generally interactive, with elaborate costumes, props and themes. In Ontario and Quebec, the feature is often the only dancer paid to dance on stage.

Feature Movie – An adult movie with a script and sex wrapped into the script.

Felching – Removing ejaculate from a partners anus with a straw.

Fellatio – Oral sex performed on a man.

Female Exotic Dancer – A female exotic dancer is an entertainer who performs seductive striptease to music, taking off her clothes until she is naked or wearing very little. An exotic dancer may perform for a large or small audience, individuals or couples, in strip clubs, nightclubs, or at private parties. The term exotic dancer encompasses features, showgirls, and house dancers.

Femdom – A female Dominant.

Feminization – Cross-dressing a male to wear ‘typical’ female clothing.

Fetish – An object that replaces people as primary object of love.

Fetish Work – A service provider who deals with fetishes; anything not generally considered sexual which arouses a person, such as a foot fetish or a leather fetish.

Figging – Sticking cut ginger root into anus or vagina.

Fingering, fisting – Using your fingers to caress and penetrate the vagina or the anus. We call it “fisting” when your entire hand or several fingers are used for penetration.

Filling the pool – Ejaculating into partners belly button.

Fire and ice – A blowjob switching between hot tea and ice.

Fisting – Inserting a fist or hand into the vagina or anus.

Flagellation – Striking a person with a whip or flogger.

Fluffer – Person who arouses adult film actors on set in order to prepare them to perform.

Frottage – Rubbing one’s body against a partner or object for arousal.

Full service – Vaginal penetration.

Full Service Dance – Contact dance with grinding to release or offering “extras” to get him there (hand jobs, blow jobs, etc.). If the customer climaxes, it’s a full service dance.

Genital Massage – Stimulating the genitals with the hands, usually during sensual massage.

Gig – Work opportunity.

Glory hole – Hole men stick their penis through to be pleasured on the other side by anonymous person.

Glory Hole Worker – A glory hole worker is a sex worker who, for a fee, provides sexual services anonymously through a hole in a wall or door. Some glory hole workers erect false walls in the entrance of their residence where the client enters, inserts his penis through the wall and receives sexual service. Others establish a more discreet location such as a public bathroom. A glory hole worker may or may not perform, felatio (BJ), hand job, or full service however felatio is generally expected. A glory hole is an anonymous and safe work environment and is generally run by independent sex workers.

Golden Shower – Urinating onto someone.

Gonzo – A reality-based style of porn, getting straight to the sex without much of a build-up or scripted scenario.

Greek – Receiving anal sex.

Gynarchy – Government run by women.

Half show – Get naked in half the time and get paid half as much (dancers).

Handkerchief Codes – Color codes that identify sexual preferences.

Hard-Core Film and Photography – Depicts sexual acts in explicit detail in films or photographs. E.g. Close-ups of photos or filmed penetration scenes, lots of dirty talk between performers, cum shots, minor degradation.

Happy ending – A hand job (usually) or blowjob after your massage; or being allowed a release during session.

Harness – Body harnesses used in suspension or penis restriction, or straps worn to support a dildo for penetrating another partner. Hermaphrodite: Person who has both female and male genitalia.

Hog Tie – Binding ones hands and legs all together behind them.

Homoeroticism – Sexual arousal from a person of the same sex.

Hot Wax – A sex game in which hot wax is melted onto a partner.

Humiliatrix – A skilled Dominant in the art of shaming someone or embarrassing them.

Hustler – Hustler is a slang term often used by men to characterize they’re involvement in sex work, however, not all hustlers are sex workers. Hustling is the way one may choose to live his life. Hustler’s are typically clever, cunning, quick-witted and develop a keen sense of street smarts. A hustler can be anyone who works freelance for themselves to make fast money in order to survive. Some classic examples of a hustler are pool sharks, card tricksters and sleight-of-hand. (VIP dancers are akin to hustlers.) H.U.S.T.L.E.R. as an acronym sums it up well and may stand for- ‘How U Survive This Life Everyday…Resourcefully’.

Immobilization – Extreme bondage which completely restricts movement.

In-call – The sex worker hosts at an indoor location.

Independent Escort – An Independent Escort is a sex worker who does not work for an escort agency, massage parlour, or health enhancement center but works as a sole proprietor or free agent. An independent escort may or may not entertain clients in his or her home and some rent space specifically for work such as studios or hotel rooms. An independent escort may or may not do outcalls or travel with clients.

Japanese bondage AKA ‘Shibari’– Intricate elaborate rope bondage.

Italian – Penis rubbing between butt cheeks.

Jamming – Typically done in Winnipeg, jamming is when an exotic dancer goes from club to club throughout the day or night performing one or two shows in each place. Depending on the club, she might change into costume in the women’s washrooms or change rooms, get quickly back into her street clothes and drive to the next gig. Many dancers pay drivers for rides as well as protection, and help with their bags.

Kegel Exercises – Exercise of the pelvic muscles that control orgasm.

Lap Dancing – Squatting above a sitting person and rubbing against them to create arousal without touching their genitals.

Live Erotic Performer – A live erotic performer provides sex shows that may or may not include contact with the customer or audience. The performance may be on stage or in person. Some examples are burlesque dancers, peep show workers, auto-erotic performers (who masturbate in front of an audience), fetish performers, or anyone who performs sexual acts on stage or in front of clients during private sessions.

Looner – Balloon fetishist.

Male Exotic Dancer – A male exotic dancer is a man who performs erotic dance or acrobatic movements while removing part or all of his clothing for an audience of gay men or heterosexual women. Male exotic dancers are often body builders and as such are usually very well-toned and muscular.

Mamasan – Female manager of a massage parlour.

Masochism – The desire for and ability to process intense/painful sensation for enjoyment and sexual arousal. Sometimes it is indulged in for the endorphins alone, without arriving at any sexual act. Generally an activity for two people.

Massage (in a strip club) – Massage of upper back, neck and shoulders done at client’s seat, charge per song. See “Back Massage.”

Massage – A massage (on the client’s back, hands, legs, butt) and/or body slide. A body slide is to massage the client with your breasts.

Massage with options – It begins with a full body massage. The options range from massage with nudity to sexual services. These options will vary depending on the rules of the establishment, the house and the sex worker.

Massage Parlor/ Health Enhancement Center – A massage parlour or health enhancement center is a sex industry business that operates in a retail or licensed business establishment on an “incall” or on-site basis. The business traditionally provides a secure work environment, advertising and access to the business owner’s regular clientele. A massage parlour or health enhancement center business makes its money through collecting a percentage of a workers wage or charging a “ fee” to the client for using the on site room to cover the costs of these services

Massage Worker/ Health Enhancement Center Worker – A massage or health enhancement center worker is a sex worker who works in a retail or licensed business establishment on an “incall” or on-site basis. Sex or full service is not always provided but a body massage followed by sexual release in the form of a hand job is generally expected. The level of contact is usually the choice of the worker and a wide variety of work environments from fantasy rooms to beauty parlours exist.

Masturbation, jerking off – Exciting your own penis or clitoris with the hand, other parts of the body, a vibrator or a dildo.

Max Hard-Core Film and Photography – Similar to the definition of hard-core film and photography but to the ultimate extent of explicit detail. E.g. Extreme fantasy humiliation/degradation scenes, extreme close-up filmed or photographed penetration(s), wet fetish; bodily fluids involved, extreme dirty talk, major shock value; on some occasions, implied abuse and suggestive of non-consensual performers.

Money shot – The messy climax/end of the movie. The cum shot.

Non-pro – Not a professional service provider.

Online Sex – Verbal sex between partners via email, chat room or other Internet device.

Oral sex, fellatio, blow-job – Exciting the penis with the mouth. Sucking.

Orgy – Group sex.

Outcall – Worker comes to clients place, home, hotel room.

Pansexuality – Arousal encompassing all genders and sexualities.

Papasan – Male manager of a massage parlour.

Paraphilia – Sexual arousal to an unusual or socially unacceptable object or act.

Pheromones – Natural chemicals or hormones that induce a sexual response.

Peep show, erotic show – This is a dance with masturbation with or without erotic toys (vibrators and dildos).

Peep Show Performer (aka Booth Baby) – A peep show performer engages in sexual activity – usually provocative dance, striptease, masturbation, or by sexually engaging with another performer – while the customer watches from a private booth. The booth is fitted with a window or shutter that opens when money is inserted into a coinbox or money slot. Typically, private booths surround a stage, separated from the performer by glass, and there is no contact between the performer and the audience. In some places, the performer may have the option to perform privately inside a customer’s booth for an additional fee.

Phone Sex Operator (aka Phone Sex Actress, Adult Phone Entertainer) – A phone sex operator is a paid professional who engages customers in sexual fantasies over the telephone. Phone sex operators may use suggestive language, role-play, sexual confessions, and real or simulated masturbation with customers who call in to an adult chat line.

Pinner – Very petite, thin girl.

Play Room – A room equipped with sex paraphernalia and used primarily for sex play.

Play – The consensual acting out of a role or game, sometimes sexual.

Prettygirls – Photo session for a female porn actress before the scene.

Private dance – NO Contact AT ALL and is basically a personal stage show. It may occur in a private booth, or on a VIP stage (mini stage with or without a pole) There’s no brushing of the knees, no leaning in and touching a guy’s shoulder. Dancer stays totally out of range of the customer.

Private Parties – Often exotic dancers perform one night gigs at private parties, birthdays, poker parties, and stags. These gigs are usually privately booked although some agencies will book stags. The dancer(s) will generally do a striptease show, and may offer lap dances. As the gig is private, and not in a regulated establishment, the rules are different and it’s left up to the dancer(s) to determine boundaries.

Promo – Promotional materials like posters, keychains, etc, with your sexy photo on them.

Polygamy – One person with multiple marriage partners.

POV – When a movie is shot from the point of view of the male performer so the viewer feels as if he’s in the scene. Pussy: vagina

Private Dancer / VIP Dancer / House Dancer – A house dancer is an exotic dancer whose primary income comes from selling dances one-on-one in a private booth for individuals or couples. House dancers are often required to do stage rotation, and perform on stage for free or for little pay throughout a shift. House dancers may be on shift by the bar, or may pay a drop in fee to the bar in order to work there. House dancers have the advantage of sleeping in their own bed at night and have the stability of a steady place of employment. However income can range dramatically as it depends on the sale of dances. Common in Central & Eastern Canada, and becoming more popular in Western Canada.

Pussy – Slang term for woman’s vulva / vagina.

Queer – Generic descriptive term for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Reverse Bukkake – When a female performer “squirts” on another performer.

Reverse cowgirl – Girl on top facing away.

Reverse massage – Client massages worker.

Rimming – Penetrating and licking the anus with the tongue.

Ritual Sex – Sex performed with specific rules of conduct (i.e., Wicca, weddings, slave training).

Sadism – Empowerment and arousal from the interaction of inflicting desired intense stimulation/pain on a willing partner.

Role playing – Exciting scenario where the sex worker and the client play roles in relation to one another. For example, the professor and the student, or the baby in diapers with his mother.

Roman shower – Vomit play.

Russian – Penis rubbing between breasts, pearl necklace, titty fuck.

Sadomasochism – The combination of inflicting and receiving pain as a means to sexual arousal. Pain play.

Safe word – A phrase, word, body movement, wink of the eye, that is used by a submissive to stop a session.

Safe, Sane and Consensual – The BDSM code of conduct.

Scatology – This is an erotic game with feces.

Scat play – Involving feces in a session.

Self-service – Client masturbates for release.

Sensory Deprivation – A practice done to intensify anxiety, and to heighten the other senses that are left uninhibited.

Sex industry – The sex industry is sometimes referred to as the adult entertainment industry. Although many disciplines could be argued to be “sex industry,” most people think of street-based sex workers, exotic dancers, phone sex operators, dungeons, adult film, and escorts, when they think of the sex industry.

Sex industry workers – People (including male, female, and transgendered) who provide a sexual service for money (be it fantasy or reality) in the sex industry.

Sex Magic – The use of witchcraft rituals for sexual purposes.

Sex Slave – A slave whose designation is specifically for sexual purposes. It is not simply someone who enjoys being dominated. Many who enjoy being dominated and are not sex slaves.

Sex Surrogates – People who are trained to help other people overcome sexual dysfunctions.

Sex Worker / Escort / Courtesan – A sex worker provides direct sexual services in exchange for money or other payment.

Shaving – Removing the hair of a partner or oneself, usually pubic, with a razor for arousal or as an obedient act to demonstrate submission to ownership.

Shill – An insider posing as a satisfied customer.

Showgirl – Common in BC, AB & MB, showgirls are usually booked on stage for weeklong contracts and work Monday to Saturday, with a day off and/or switch clubs on Sunday. They do not have a home bar and travel is often required. Showgirls are paid per show and not compensated for any entertainment expenses, additional time, floortime, or travel expenses. The advantage of showgirl work is a guaranteed paycheque at the end of the week. A showgirl is skilled at holding an audience’s attention using dance and/or other specialized skills (pole work, acrobatics, gymnastics, fire shows, theme shows, etc) and by responding to the audience’s reaction(s).

Sissy – A man who is made to act, walk, talk and dress like a woman.

Slave – Someone who has agreed to give up all personal rights to their dominant or master. This may or may not ever include sexual contact.

Slings – Swings or other forms of support or suspension from which a person may engage in sex.

Soft-Core Film and Photography – Shows sex in film or photography in a suggestive and titillating way without being totally explicit or detailed. In photography, this can include lingerie shoots, covered or implied sexual nudes or even basic oral, vaginal and (maybe) anal sex shots for in film. No hard-core, close-up sex shots or fetish/BDSM.

Spanish – Ass to mouth.

Spanking – Using one’s hand to slap a partner’s buttocks for sensory enhancement and arousal.

Stripping – Removing one’s clothes, sometimes performed on stage in an erotic manner.

Stroll – Path frequented by street-based sex workers.

Submission – Surrendering control to a dominant partner.

Suitcase Pimp – A porn actress’ boyfriend who pimps her out, bringing her to the shoot, carrying her bags, and keeping her money which he spends on himself.

Swing – An object that allows a person or two to be suspended and move back and forth during sex.

Swinging – Group sex or wife swapping.

Switch – One who changes from dominant to submissive roles depending on the scene.

Tantra – Yoga-type sexual discipline.

Teabag – Man squats and dips balls in partner’s mouth or places them on chin.

Threesome – This is typically a couple that wants a sexual experience with the sex worker.

Tie-off – A process that consists of tightly wrapping a thick elastic around the base of the penis when fully erect to maintain its girth for an extended period of time, presenting a visual effect of full arousal.

Tit-fucking – Masturbation of the penis between the breasts of the sex worker. It often finishes with a “pearl necklace”: sperm on the neck.

Top – The person who controls the stimuli during sex games.

Transgender Sex Worker – Transgender sex worker is a broad term that refers to any individual selling sexual services whose gender expression (physical, emotional, spiritual) differs from their biological or genetic gender. Transgender sex workers may choose to alter their appearances as a personal expression, feeling that they have been born into the wrong physical body and/or may do so in order to appeal sexually to a customer’s specific fantasy or fetish.

Transsexual – A person whose gender identity does not match the physical sex organs of their body. They can be in the process of physically changing their sex (pre-operative) or have already changed their physical sex surgically (post-operative).

Transvestite – Person who engages in or is aroused by cross-dressing.

Trick – Client, Customer, John, Patron, Mark.

Trolling – Posting thinly disguised ads in a discussion forum ; or ; searching escort web site forums carefully for clients.

True Lap Dance – One-way contact. The customer sits on the chair or couch, legs apart, hands to the side. The dancer can touch the customer, the customer is NOT permitted to touch the dancer. Breasts in face, kneeling over patron, some wriggling and minor grinding can occur- but it’s not expected. Sitting, or laying in the customer’s lap is part of the dance. Contact is generally with the chest, legs, and face (with breasts). Minimal groin contact aside from innocently sitting on his lap. May or not be full nudity. Many places require that g-strings are left on. This type of dance is common in the USA , at private parties and clubs, in Yellowknife , BC & AB (as a contact dance), and in Ontario (as a no-contact dance).

Tuck – To tuck a person inserts the testicles inside the open sockets of the pelvis and pulls the penis back towards the back applying tape to secure it. A good tight pair of supporting pantyhose will complete the look by holding everything firmly in place. Every apparatus is different so techniques vary. Try a few different approaches to find what works for you.

Two call system – For in-call locations. The customer’s first call is to set up the time and get the general directions, on where to park. His second call is made when he arrives, to get the specific address-room number.

Voyeurism – Arousal by watching others.

Web Cam Worker – A web cam worker performs sexual acts online, such as role-playing, striptease, masturbation, ejaculation, urination, BDSM, or other fetishes. He or she performs in front of a camera and the content is displayed on a website that customers pay to access. On many sites, web cam workers may engage with clients in a chat room while they are performing. Web cam workers may perform alone, with a sexual partner, or with other performers (i.e. duos, orgies, circle jerks). Many adult web sites are geared towards particular themes (i.e. amateurs, fetishes, age, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation).

Whipping – Striking or flagellating a partner for sensory enhancement.

Abbreviated terms in the sex industry

AAMP = Apartment Asian Massage Parlor (Based in a residential apartment instead of a commercial storefront).
AMP = Asian Massage Parlor
ASP = Adult Service Provider
ATF = all time favorite
ATM = ass to mouth (with penis or a toy, finger)
B&S = bait and switch: person who shows up is a different one than advertised
BB = bareback: without condom
BG, BGG, BBG, GG = ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’ signify the type of scene by gender in adult film.
BJ = blowjob: oral sex
BBBJ = bare back blow job: BJ without condom
BBBJTC = bare back blow job to completion
BBBJTCIM = bare back blow job to completion in mouth
BBBJTCNQNS = bare back blow job to completion, no quit, no spit
BBBJTCWS = bare back blow job to completion with swallow
BBBJWF = bare back blow job with facial
BBFS = bare back sex
BBW = big beautiful woman
BF = boy friend
BFE = boy friend experience
BLS = ball licking and sucking
BS= BodySlide: Girl massages you with her body
Butter face = everything looks good, but her face
CBJ = Blow-Job with condo
CBT- Cock and Balls Torture
CC Rider = full service provider costing $200 or less
CD = cross dresser
CDS = covered doggy style/ position doggy style
CFNM= Clothed female, nude male
CFS = covered full service; sex with condom
CG = cowgirl: girl on top facing you
CHDW= Clueless Horny Dom Wannabe
CIM = cum in mouth
CIF = Come in Face
CMD = carpet matches drapes, typically a natural blonde
CMT = Certified Massage Therapist
COB – Come on Breast
DATO = dining at the o: analingus
DATY = dining at the y = cunnilingus
DDP = double digit penetration, vagina, and anus
DDE = doesn’t do extras (Private Show only)
DFK = deep french kissing, open mouth with tongue
DIY = do it yourself (masturbation)
DM= Dungeon monitor
DP = double penetration, two cocks in one worker
DT = deep throat, entire length of penis taken in mouth
DVDA = double vagina, double anal penetration
FBSM = full body sensual massage
FIP = Fake Internal Pop; man faking orgasm inside of partner with fake grunting and groaning (porn)
FIV = finger in vagina
FS = full service: BJ + Sex
GFE = girlfriend experience
GSM = g-spot massage
HDH = high dollar hottie
HJ = hand job, a manual
HH = half hour/ 30 minutes
HM = high mileage (have been working in the industry for a while)
HWP = height and weight proportionate
LDL = low dollar looker (opposite of HDH)
LE = ellie: law enforcement
GLBT: Generic descriptive term for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community
MBR = multiple bell ringing: MSOG
MILF = mom I’d like to f-ck
Mish = missionary position
MP = massage parlor
MP = multiple pops: multiple releases
MSOG = multiple shots on goal: multiple releases
OTK= Over The Knee (spanking)
OWO = oral without condom
PIV = penis in vagina
PO = phone operator (for making appointments)
PS = private show (Dance)
PSE = Porn Star Experience
PV = private viewing (Dance)
RCG = girl on top facing away (reverse cowgirl)
RPG = role playing games
SC = Strip Club
SM= Sadism and Masochism
SOG = shot on goal: one release
SOMF = sat on my face
STD/STI = sexually transmitted disease/ sexually transmitted infection
SP = Service Provider; sex worker
SW = street walker
TAMP = Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlor
TG = transgender
TGTBT = too good to be true
Tina = crystal meth
TLD = topless lap dance
TOFTT = Take one for the team. In reference to a new, non-reviewed provider
TS = transsexual
TUMA = tongue up my ass
TV = transvestite
XOXO = Kisses & Hugs
YMMV = Your mileage may vary. Your service level could be different than reported by others. Applies to everyone, some more so than others.
24/7-Total power exchange in a full time relationship.
1/2 and 1/2 = half and half: oral sex + full service
#3 = cocaine
#4 = heroin
420 = 4:20 marijuana
69 = two people giving each other oral sex at the same time; bodies are in a position similar to the number
$ = $100 / 100 $
$$ = $200 / 200 $
$$$ = $300 / 300 $
$$$.5 = $350 (get it?) / 350 $

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